Whether you're moving your company by choice (say, you're heeding the call of one of Inc.'s "Top Cities for Doing Business" or by necessity (perhaps, your lease is up and your landlord is raising the rent), relocation is no small task. There's location scouting, commercial realtors, negotiating, number crunching, licenses, packing, unpacking, mail forwarding, new stationery -- the list seems endless. Then there are potential problems like lost employees, lost clients, lost productivity, and just plain lost time.

But when the hard work of relocation is done, many businesses seem to benefit from a well-executed move -- whether the advantage comes in the form of lowered costs, improved morale, a more robust pool of recruits, government incentives, closer proximity to suppliers, or simply a better quality of life.

If you're considering a change of scenery for your company, this guide offers the insight and experiences of those who have moved their businesses, their employees, or, in many cases, both.

Moving Your Business: Valuable Guidance for All Companies

Real Estate Deals
Use our interactive database to help you find out where the deals are in price and space availability in major markets around the country. Search by city, best deals, and improving markets.
The Top U.S. Cities for Doing Business
Inc. magazine has examined 274 population centers looking for job creation and other signs that businesses are thriving. Use our interactive database to search our extensive findings by city size, industry sector, city, state, and more. Plus, read the features from Inc. magazine that highlight pertinent facts, as well as profiles of businesses from thriving areas
Get Out of the House
Is it time to get out of the garage/basement/living room/incubator? That first real office can be tricky.
The Space Race
With office rents plunging, there's never been a better time to be a tenant.
Moving On Up and Out
Starting a business at home is an easy call for many entrepreneurs. But figuring out if it's time to relocate is a tougher decision.

We've Been There: Companies Relocation Experiences

Snapshots: Locations
These Inc. 500 companies relocated for various reasons -- from access to skilled labor to the CEO's love of the outdoors.
Relocating Brings Big Savings for Company
By relocating its manufacturing operations to an government-designated economic development zone in Syracuse, N.Y., Spectrum MedSystems Corp. qualified for low-interest loans, discounted utilities, and even free land.
Relocation, Relocation, Relocation
CEOs share strategies for drumming up business when you've relocated.
Far Out
A senior VP and CIO explains how remote outposts can allow for good living and good business.