Setting Up a New Office
What's the biggest hurdle your new business faces? Perhaps it's setting up your first office. Our guide will take you through the process step-by-step.
Employee Ownership
Sharing business ownership with employees is hot these days. Use this collection of articles to help you learn about the types of equity plans available to your growing company.
Setting Up a Home Office
Home office and home-based business offers many rewards for small businesses looking to telecommute or work from home.
Whether you're moving your business by choice or by chance, this guide offers the insight and experiences of those who have relocated their companies, their employees, or, in many cases, both.
Compensation is a complex and strategically critical issue for businesses today. We've gathered the best checklists, benchmarks, and advice to help you get a handle on it.
Cash Management Basics
Cash is your business's lifeblood. This guide will help your business -- and you -- avoid a heart attack.
Getting Paid
Get advice on dealing with slow-paying clients -- including managing accounts receivables, invoicing, and tips for soloists -- in this collection of resources.
Open-Book Management
Explore the pros and cons of opening your books to employees.