The entrepreneurial experience can be a lot of things: exhilarating, liberating, and, alas, tiring. Serious company building requires a great amount of energy, something that can run in short supply.

If you're veering toward burnout or already feeling exhausted beyond repair, can help you become reinvigorated. These selected articles and resources will shed light on the common yet treatable problem of burnout.

Been There, Burned Out: A Business Owner Talks Candidly about Entrepreneurial Exhaustion

I'm Mary, and I'm a Workaholic
An entrepreneur explains how she learned to live with her all-consuming addiction -- company building.

Taking Time to Rejuvenate

How To Go on Vacation
Here's how to take a vacation, and relax while you're away.
The Well-Balanced Life
It turns out that a better life can lead to a better business. Inc. suggests three paths to getting more out of each.
The One-Day Rest Cure
A day of rest may be exactly what you need to revitalize your business and your life. In this article, read about one entrepreneur who takes time out to keep her life in balance.
Help! My Business's Schedule Is Ruining My Personal Life!
Business commitments can quickly encroach on your personal calendar. Giving yourself personal comp time can ease the pressures of work.

Beating Burnout: Strategies from Experts and Entrepreneurs

The Big Lie
The trick to beating burnout is understanding it as part of the predictable cycle of entrepreneurial stress, notes Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Steven Berglas. In this classic piece from Inc. magazine, he outlines the way stress may manifest itself during different phases of your company's growth. Berglas also gives five sanity-saving strategies for preventing and coping with burnout, gleaned from his own work with entrepreneurs.
The World According to Me
If you and your company are heading in two divergent directions, one reason may be that your personal needs have gotten lost in the mix. A longtime business adviser and business owner offers a thoughtful argument that the only way your business is going to succeed is if its goals are aligned with your own. He shows how to reintroduce your own desires into your demanding business.