Choosing a Form for Your Business
Trying to choose the right structure for your business? This guide brings together our site's best articles on corporate form options, from sole proprietorships to C corporations.
Customer-Driven Marketing
Get ideas on generating referrals, using references, and stimulating word-of-mouth marketing to build your business with the guide to Customer-Driven Marketing.
Getting Paid
Get advice on dealing with slow-paying clients -- including managing accounts receivables, invoicing, and tips for soloists -- in this collection of resources.
Overcoming Burnout
Exhaustion is an inevitable part of entrepreneurial life. This guide includes some of our best resources for helping you conquer burnout.
Setting Up a Home Office
There are many practical, financial, and psychological benefits of working from home. has brought home all our best articles and resources on setting up shop at home.
Writing a Business Plan
Learn how to write a business plan faster, with online resources, free business plan software, and web-based advice for the small business entrepreneur.
Starting Up on a Shoestring
Discover tips and strategies for launching your business with little or no money at all.
Tax Strategies
A little advanced planning can help you reduce your tax obligations and lessen the anxiety of tax time.
Got a great idea but not sure how to obtain a patent for it? This collection of tips and tools can help you get started.
Marketing on the Web
This guide contains the best resources our site offers about marketing on the Web.
Success Stories
Get a little inspiration from entrepreneurs who've made it big.