There are lots of reasons for today's boom in people working from home. Telecommunications and computer technology are cheap and user-friendly enough to make off-site workers productive. Workers want to spend more time with their families (and favorite soap operas) and away from office politics, corporate cubicles, and rush hour traffic. And if that doesn't convince you to create your own home office, perhaps the following articles and resources will. We've gathered the best stuff has on the subject.

Taking the Home Business Plunge

Don't Quit Your Day Job
How to launch your start-up--without losing your day job.
Home Grown
Just a few years back, home-based workers disguised their situation by playing background tapes of office activity when customers called. Times have changed. Inc. magazine investigates the reasons - practical, financial, and psychological - that working from home has gone from being taboo to being chic.
Home-Based Business: Is It for You?
There are plenty of things to consider before you set up a home office. For example, does FedEx deliver to your neighborhood? Will it be easy to get business insurance? Will your cat treat your PC like a second scratching post? This article asks these questions and more to make sure you're making the right decision.
Raising Capital for Home-Based Businesses
Getting funding for your home-based business is not easy. Banks treat home-based entrepreneurs like second-class citizens. But that's not to dissuade you. A recent Inc. article tells how confidence, collateral, and connections can get you the financing you need.
Getting the Right Insurance When You're Going Solo
Insuring your home-based business is hardly something you have time to think about, especially when you're trying to keep more money coming in than going out. But a good policy may save your business from dissolution in the event of a catastrophe.

Nuts and Bolts

Case Studies in Home Office Design
One entrepreneur built his home office in a tree house. Two others created theirs espousing the principles of the Chinese practice feng shui. A classic article from Inc. Technology gives tips on creating the office you want.
Nine Steps Toward the Home Office of Your Dreams
If your home office is no more comfortable than your average corporate cubicle, then you're not making the most of the situation. Check out these nine ways you can build a home office you'll love to go home to.
What points should I remember when setting up a new office?
Office & Operations mentor Mie-Yun Lee addresses important things to consider when choosing the phone system, fax, and computer hardware for your home office.
I run a sideline home business but have a full-time day job. Can I claim a home office deduction?
Even if you still work for "the Man" every day, your home office may be eligible for a tax deduction. Law & Taxation mentor Barbara Weltman discusses how you might qualify.

The ranks of the self-employed are swelling, in part, because of the Internet, a fantastic place to network, gather information, and do business. To help you make the most of the medium, we've taken a long, hard look at sites for the self-employed.

Web Sites for Home-Based Workers
With so many people working at home, you'd think there would be plenty of great Web sites out there to help them. Not so, according to Inc. magazine.
Sites for Singles
Here's what a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs learned when they reviewed selected Web sites designed to help soloists excel.