Are you starting a business? Advice for small businesses on what it takes to create a solid business plan, including forming an outline, forecasting credible financial information, and establishing a marketing strategy.

When writing a business plan, here's how to run the numbers that matter without getting hung-up on those that don't.

S Corp, C Corp, or LLC? Whether you are starting a business or you already run one but are having second thoughts about its legal structure, you need to take this matter seriously.

Want to create a terrific website without spending a fortune? Check out this guide to building a low-cost, high-impact site.

Obtaining capital can be one of the trickier aspects when it comes to starting a business. So how can you do your best to impress private investors? Advice on how to clearly and confidently deliver your pitch.

Your business is growing so fast that soon you'll be not only your own boss, but someone else's as well. It's time to hire your first employee, and we have the help you need.

Pricing is easily one of the trickiest aspects of starting a business. We will help you tackle the pricing issue—we've compiled strategies, advice, and techniques that have served other entrepreneurs well.

Coming up with a great catchphrase or tagline can help your start-up define its brand. So we asked industry experts to share their tips for creating a memorable slogan when starting a business.

One of the first things you should do when starting a business is make sure you create and maintain basic financial and accounting systems. A seasoned small business accountant will help you do this. Here is a look at how to get the right CPA for your company.

This guide offers tips and resources to help you research your industry and competition, and meet your target market's needs.

Get inspired to fuel your company's growth with this collection of 10 crafty marketing techniques.

When you start a business, cash is crucial. Maintaining a relatively high gross margin will let your business become viable as quickly as possible. This guide shows you have to calculate this key metric.

Got a great idea but not sure how to obtain a patent for it? This collection of tips and tools can help you get started.

You have got a great idea. But negotiating your way from the invention you first sketch out on a napkin to a successful product can be daunting.

Get advice on raising capital, getting the right insurance, and building the home-office of your dreams.

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