There's a common (but wrong) belief that complicated business pitches are more persuasive, because they sound 'sophisticated' or 'intelligent'. Complicated messaging can be effective in the right context--delicate political gymnastics or hide-the-ball legal arguments, for example. But in business (and particularly in sales and copywriting), simpler messages resonate better--always.

Enter Neville Medhora, master of simplification...

I've been a professional copywriter for more than a decade, and I can easily say Neville Medhora's copywriting blog, KopywritingKourse, is one of my all-time favorites. He's one of those few people who naturally writes exactly like he talks, and his copywriting advice is always actionable, interesting and hilarious.

Although Neville has never "had a job," he's been running businesses since high school. Some of his ventures have included owning the largest online rave supplier, without ever going to an actual rave, starting the largest copywriting blog, and many more. In high school, he was already Cisco Certified, but still managed to get kicked out of his college Computer Science program, despite paying full tuition with funds from his online businesses. He also wrote a book as a joke, which consequently sold thousands of copies and received 200+ reviews.

In addition to KopywritingKourse, Neville is also involved with a couple of companies including: The Hustle, SumoMe, and AppSumo.

Having sold millions of dollars in products, Neville has a little formula that he always uses to create and sell every product he has launched. This formula was devised in the rapid "AppSumo phase" where he had to review hundreds of products to potentially sell. Neville says, "If a company couldn't fit their offering into this simple formula, it was simply too complicated, or not specific enough for a wide audience."

Here's how Neville's formula works:

"For price, you get product in time."

Below are some examples of it in action:

  • For $125 you get a fully cleaned and detailed car in 2 hours.
  • For $1,200 you get a fully functioning eCommerce website in 1 week.
  • For $25 you get a leather padfolio in 2 days.
  • For $175 I will teach you how to write high converting cold emails in 3 hours.

I know it's simple, but it's powerful and flexible enough to use for any business idea. Here's the gist of it:

When most people try to "think of a business idea" or "find a product to sell", they just brainstorm a bunch of weird ideas in their head. Instead, try writing this formula down and filling it out. It will help you brainstorm hundreds of ideas quickly.

Neville's first digital products followed this formula:

  • For $69 you get a 2-hour video course that will teach you how to write a sales letter.
  • For $97 you 4 live training classes that show you how to validate a business in 24 hours.
  • For $197 I will teach you how to write high-converting copy for website in 2 hours.

His first consulting gigs early in the early days of his career followed this formula too:

  • For $200 you get a webpage and domain name setup in 1 week.
  • For $60/hour I will help you setup all your technology at your office.
  • For $25 I will burn a custom CD with your favorite songs.

If a person can't explain their product using this formula, Neville urges you to pass on it because it's too difficult to explain. It means that their idea isn't clear enough, and that they still need more clarity on what their product actually is or how to price it.

Using this formula (or small variations of it) can make it easy to explain any idea because it forces you to have a:

  • Clear pricing structure.
  • Clear product or service.
  • Clear amount of time it takes to fulfill.

This Product Formula is also a powerful resource for people trying to make a little extra money on the side or pick up some small consulting gigs.

Neville has helped hundreds of people start side consulting gigs based on this formula. Here's a few examples of real people that have taken Neville's formula to transform little skills into profitable side businesses:

  • For $35/hr I will use my photoshop skills to edit your photo shoot sets in 1 week.
  • For $125/hr I will use my 15 years of programming experience to advise you on a tech project.
  • For $3,500 I will build you a working eCommerce website in 1 week.

"Because these people were so clear on what their service was, it was much easier to sell and charge for it. If they didn't have the structure of this formula, whenever they'd get in front of a potential client they'd stumble to figure out what exactly they could do," says Neville.

So if you take away one little piece of information from this article, it's this formula:

"For price, you get product in time."

Write it down. Snap a picture of it on your phone. And start jotting out some ideas yourself!

Neville has also created this handy business idea generator that will help you crank out hundreds of unique business ideas and quick consulting ideas using this formula. Give it a try yourself. And for more tips on making your website or sales copy convert higher, check out KopywritingKourse.

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Published on: Dec 8, 2016
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