When was the last time you took a trip somewhere?

With more options, travel is becoming more affordable every day. In 2016, just in the US alone, people logged over 1.7 Billion trips for leisure travel and over 450 million trips for business. That's 6 times more than the population of the country.

That means when trying to think of a gift for someone this holiday, you're in luck. Odds are, no matter what they are pinning on Pinterest, who they voted for on the Voice, or what their favorite color is, they're probably going to take a trip sometime in the next year.

By picking a travel-related gift, you're virtually guaranteed to make their day.

As a digital nomad and road warrior, here's a list of the things that I won't leave home without. Any of these will help your travel friend on their bon voyage!

In Transit

1. ASOS Black Leather Passport Cover, $20

When traveling internationally, your passport can get worn. Give it a jacket to wear and it will stay clean and crisp from the first stamp to the last.

2. Gonex Packing Cubes, ?$30

It happens to us all - we pack our suitcase perfectly when we leave home, and then after the third hotel nothing seems to fit anymore. If you use packing cubes, you'll stay organized and keep the contents of your suitcase compressed.

3. High Sierra Access Backpack, $50

When traveling, you don't want the most stylish backpack - you want the one that holds your stuff and is durable. This is hands down, the best backpack I've ever found. It holds everything you could possibly want and even has its own raincoat build in to pull out and protect your stuff (you know, for when you're caught out in a monsoon or something,)

4. Samsonite Stryde,  $230-$290

A bit on the pricey side, but oh, are they worth it. Hardsided luggage is a must when traveling a lot, and the versatility of this line is award-winning.

In the Air

5. Jumbl Bluetooth Adapter, $20

Have traditional headphones you love but a new Lightning only phone? This is what you need to fix that. 

6. TravelMate Memory Foam Seat Cushion, $25

This cushion will turn any seat into the most comfortable thing you're ever sitting in. Even those terrible thin airline seats. One caveat on this one: You will absolutely look like a dork while carrying it -- but it is worth it.

7. Travelrest Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $30

Out of all the travel pillows in the world, this one happens to be my favorite. It allows you to wrap it around anything that you need to feel comfortable (not just your neck) and fastens with velcro.

8. Kindle Voyage, $200

Of all the Kindles currently out, this one is my personal favorite because of the way it feels in my hand as well as the length of charge. As long as the Kindle has the paperwhite screen capability, however, you can't go wrong.

9. Bose QuietComfort 20, $250

While Bose has the newer Bluetooth QuietComfort 30s, I actually prefer the 20s (with the addition of the Jumbl). Both are excellent, though, and definitely appreciated by the traveler.

On the Ground

10. Portable Mini Fan, $16

Most of us have a particular temperature we prefer to sleep in. We're either used to air conditioning (hot or cold) or being able to open a window, that when we find ourselves in a hotel room that doesn't give us the option we have a miserable night. Enter this little fan, which gives you some control back.

11. humanGear GoToob Travel Bottle Set, $18

Have favorite toiletry products that don't come in travel size? This is your answer. These tubes come in all sizes and shapes to transfer whatever you want to take, and they don't leak.

12. NexGadget Portable Humidifier, $24

You might think my bag is heavy with all the stuff on this list, but to anyone who travels to different climates on the regular, this is a lifesaver. Very light and extremely simple to use, if you are someone who needs one, absolutely get it.

13. S'Well Water Bottle, $35

You need to have a water bottle - you might as well carry a good one.

14. Bestek Universal Travel Adapter, $40

There are many travel adapters out there -- this is the most compact travel power strip that works around the world.

15. Roost Laptop Stand, $75

Let's face it, you're going to work at least at some point, even on vacation. If you use a laptop stand normally, you should have one when you travel. This is the best one out there.

16. QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs, $200

Forget foam earplugs -- buy these. They are not for the airplane (although they do work for that.) These are for when you are trying to sleep in a hotel room on a busy street with party-goers singing outside your window until 3AM. They work.

Peace of Mind

17. Tile, $60

If you're not currently using Tile to track your stuff, then use this as a perfect time to do so. Just stick them inside your suitcases and onto anything you need to keep and forget about it until you need them.

18. WorldNomads Travel Insurance, Varies

If you travel, you need Insurance -- it's as simple as that. Here's a great option.

With these suggestions, you'll give any traveler a happy holiday.