Just in case you need a reminder, not every instructional video on the internet is a TED talk or a Udemy course. Many conferences also record their sessions and keynotes and then put them online for their attendees. As a result, you'll find a wealth of instructional videos available online from some of the top authors, instructors, and speakers worldwide.

Here are some of my favorite conference sessions on entrepreneurship:

1. "The Surprising Power of Small Habits," by James Clear

Each of us has things that we always do. From drinking our morning coffee to turning on our favorite music channel, to avoiding answering emails, these are our habits. The problem is, some of them may not be as healthy as others.

In this talk, Clear gives us a framework to create good habits, stick to them, and get rid of the bad ones. This is a must-watch for anyone trying to get themselves on track.

2. "The 4 Disciplines of Execution," by Chris McChesney

Do you have a massive goal you're trying to achieve? How about multiple goals? Have you struggled with figuring out where to begin, or how to juggle them?

In this talk, McChesney explains a method to prioritize and execute so you can finally finish your tasks.

3. "Starting Over," by Jeffrey Strauss

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that we get to try out new things all the time. One of the worst is that whether it's a new product, a new team, or a new career, we all encounter the fear of the unknown.

In this talk, Strauss explains what skills we already have--and what ones we should build--to help us deal when we inevitably have to start over.

4. "Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship," by Steve Blank

For years, entrepreneurs have been told they just need an idea and passion to go after their dreams and create their startup. Entrepreneurs have also found for years that venture capital funding is lacking for unproven companies.

In this powerful talk, Blank argues for the value of the scientific method in creating companies--and shows us the remarkable companies you can create as a result.

5. "Making the Shift: Employee to Entrepreneur," by Heather Wilde

While many people already are entrepreneurs and small-business owners, many more dream of the day they can break free and start their own business. What they don't know is if they need a business plan or even how to tell their idea is worth working on.

In this talk, I explain a simple process for identifying your business model and determining if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

6. "Let's Teach Entrepreneurship, Not Small Business," by Rob Newman

While some may think it merely semantics, there is a real difference between the small business and entrepreneurial mindset. For small businesses, the focus is often on established and existing products and services, whereas entrepreneurs are focused on innovation.

In this talk, Newman advocates for a mindset shift, to remove that distinction entirely.