Tell me if this sounds familiar: you're sitting at home, exhausted from work, and staring at your television wondering what you should watch. As an entrepreneur, you feel like you should spend your time watching something educational, but you really just need a few minutes respite from every day.

This leads to a phenomenon I call Netflix roulette. You scroll through the endless suggestions of content, unable to make a decision. Eventually, you settle for something that sounds ok, even though it isn't what you originally intended. This makes you feel a little guilty for wasting time, and not entirely relaxed either.

Well, you can rest easy, for I've got you covered for the next 15 hours. Here's a list of movies that are both entertaining and still educational for every entrepreneur.

Big Night

Have you ever been in the situation where you've created a product, and you are so convinced that you're right about it that you won't change it no matter what? This movie, about a chef who refuses to compromise on his vision, follows a last-ditch effort to save his restaurant from foreclosure.

After watching, you'll come away with a better understanding of the importance of customer experience and product/market fit.

Catch Me If You Can

This biopic of former con-man Frank Abagnale follows him across the world as he lives a flamboyant lifestyle -- while being investigated by the FBI for check fraud. It highlights both the creativity of Abagnale and the diligence of the FBI auditors.

For entrepreneurs, the lessons here are especially relevant in a post-Theranos startup world.

The Commitments

Alan Parker's 1989 film about the rise and fall of a band in Dublin is packed full of lessons for every business owner. You'll learn about recruitment, financing and team dynamics from a real-world perspective.

Most of all, you'll find that creating a beautiful product isn't the surest sign of success.

Jerry Maguire

For entrepreneurs, there's a moment where you dream of standing up and walking out on their own to start their own business. This movie is the epitome of what that's like from struggling to find your own clients, to trying to build a reputation and being shut out from things because you simply don't have the corporate bankroll.

It's a must watch -- especially if you are looking for the blueprint on how to leave your corporate job in a spectacular way.


By now, we're all aware (or should be) that we can leverage data to make better decisions in pretty much every business, however that hasn't always been the case. Back in 2003, the Oakland A's manager was given the smallest recruiting budget in the MLB and had to come up with a new method to put his team together - and this is the result.

What you'll learn here is how to bootstrap your way to a successful business model.


A fish-out-of-water story about an American sent to India to run a call center, this is a humorous look into the world of corporate expansion, cultural dynamics, and ultimately, corporate takeover. 

When considering taking on a partner or working with another team, the lessons you can learn from this movie are relevant and valuable.

Thank You for Smoking

Have you ever heard the term "lobbyist" and wondered what it really meant? This movie goes into hilarious - and sometimes painful - detail about where exactly our tax dollars are going, and what our rights as individuals and small business owners actually mean.

While there are many aspects to this movie that are excellent, bonus points go to modeling how to show up every day to a job you're not passionate about.

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Sometimes, even when the timing is right, the financing is in place, and you have the perfect idea, your business still won't work. Preston Tucker did everything right - and his competitors did everything they could to take him down.

For entrepreneurs, this is the ultimate lesson: no matter how much money you have, how hard you work or how much you want it, your business still may not succeed.

With these movies to take you through the rise and fall of entrepreneurship, you'll be ready to take on the business world in no time.