I'm going to let you in on a secret.


No, really!

We don't have any time to get to a store, and barely any time to do online shopping. Amazon Subscribe-and-Save is a godsend, or else we'd run out of shampoo on the regular.

Does that mean you could just get us a pack of Charmin Ultra Soft and some toothpaste and we'll love you for it? (Well, probably, actually.) But let's raise the bar just a tad and give that busy woman in your life a gift to show you appreciate and understand her. Here are 9 ideas:

Looking the part is about the small details. With this laptop protector, your most important accessory not only looks amazing, it marks you as someone special - and it's simply cool.

Whether its steps, water consumption or just celebrating your achievements, this beautiful and practical fashion accessory is a simple and effective solution to getting healthier habits in 2017.

Look, I know - VR isn't sexy. It sounds cool, but in practice, it's a big, bulky thing that you have to stick on your face. However, Google has changed the game with the ultra-comfortable Daydream. Take a break out of your day and have a private, relaxing and personalized experience as a reward for nailing your day - without messing up your hair and makeup.

Here's a conundrum: What do you do when it's cold out and you need to answer your phone? Siri? Say "Ok Google"? No way!

These Cashmere Lined Texting Gloves from Bloomingdale's are the stylish and private way to keep texting and emailing people while keeping your hands toasty warm in the winter.

I love face masks - they rejuvenate your skin and make you feel and look amazing. What I don't love is the time to apply them and cleanup.

Enter Lancome with this awesome product - simply place this on your face for around 10 minutes, lay back and peel it off. Sure, you'll look like a hockey goalie, but it's so relaxing and easy.

Let's face it: today's entrepreneur can get half her workday done before even getting out of bed. Rather than having to brush your hair and find a hoodie for the next video call, or scrounge around for something clean in the never-ending mound of laundry, give her something she can live in.

We have all been there - at the most inopportune time, our phones reach low power and we can't call that all important Uber to rescue us.

Enter this attractive bangle bracelet that holds a quick charge. Not only is it stylish, it is practical, and something the busy woman won't want to leave home without.

8. Google Home $129

The second entry from Google is on the list for a few reasons: Convenience and style.

While there are already other voice controlled home automation units on the market (most notably, the Amazon Echo), this one gets top marks in recognizing what you're asking for. Whether you're running late for a meeting and want to send a message, need to check the weather or want to place a dinner order, you can save time by dictating to your little personal assistant.

9. Green Blender $49-$468

I get it. Food Delivery Baskets have been done to death. They seem like a great idea at first but then you end up with a fridge full of kale and celery root - and ain't nobody got time for that.

Enter Green Blender, the best friend of the Female Entrepreneur. They are a weekly delivery box for smoothies. No cooking required! Throw ingredients into a blender, pour, and get back to work.

They get us, they really get us.

I guarantee that you will make this the best holiday season ever for the power women on your list, with any of these gifts.