The entrepreneurial world can change dramatically overnight, and those who can anticipate and respond to these changes best are often the most successful

The ability to innovate solutions is so coveted by business leaders as the number of resources it can save and create is simply incalculable. The great leaps in technology and business are never brought about by doing the same thing repeatedly, but through trying something new that resonates more deeply with an audience.

Two-thirds of business leaders cite innovation as an important cornerstone to their organization's success, according to Adobe. Innovation has become almost synonymous with the kind of creative thought within which modern entrepreneurs thrive.

Relying on any one strategy for too long is no longer viable in business, and innovation is the key that allows leaders to adapt and thrive under a wide range of circumstances. 

Innovation is what sets the successful apart from the stagnant in business. Knowing when to commit to a path and when to pivot saves the entire organization both resources and time, which can then be applied elsewhere for the benefit of the business.

Innovation means being forward-thinking in identifying trends and needs, but also in taking real actions based on these insights.

How to Become a More Innovative

The simplest way to increase your ability to innovate is by constantly challenging yourself and finding sources of authentic inspiration.

Challenge yourself with concrete goals that will demand you increase your output of efficiency. Studies show that between 14 percent of people who have goals but fail to write them down and the three percent who set them in writing, the latter group is ten times more likely to succeed.

Set realistic indicators of success from which to work back, and the desire to meet them will motivate your mind towards innovations. Mother is the necessity of invention, and under self-imposed pressure, innovative solutions are more likely to arise.

If you still find yourself lacking in innovative capacity, then it might be time to approach innovation from an alternative angle.

Inspiration is less rigid but just as valid of a way to increase innovation. The beauty of inspiration is how it can spring from wholly seemingly unrelated fields to instigate thoughts and practices. It can come via a podcast by an industry leader, a thoughtful article or book, or just taking some time to decompress in nature and then look at the problem again with fresh eyes.

There's no singular template or way to inspire innovation, but once it occurs, it can quickly spread throughout a business for the benefit of all. Inspiration not only gives creative and efficient solutions but also serves to bond a team together through shared experience. Being able to tap into the creative mindset is essential for any entrepreneur as technology exponentially increases in its capability, markets and trends transform far faster than in the past. Innovative thoughts and solutions function to cut through the obsolete, fuel for future success and should be at the forefront of any modern business leader's mind.