At Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference, attendees can expect to find 20 Buddhist monks leading daily sessions on walking meditation and mindful eating.

The event, which takes place from October 4th to 7th in San Francisco, will signify the cloud-software company's efforts to connect with customers by emphasizing a focus on life improvement.

Past Salesforce conferences have presented keynote talks on mindfulness, but this year's 25 sessions centered on the topic will be a new record. The 20 or so monks in attendance come from Plum Village, a meditation center in southern France founded by Vietnamese Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh.

Other activities will emphasize social corporate responsibilities and values. Aside from his own mindfulness practice, CEO Marc Benioff is also known for advocacy of causes such as diversity in tech and gender equality.

A Silicon Valley get-together wouldn't be complete without a concert, which rock band U2 will headline. This year, the company partnered again with lead singer Bono's charitable organization RED to raise $1 million for the fight against AIDS. The 2016 concert will also benefit UCSF Children's Hospitals.

Already known as the largest single-company tech event, this week's Dreamforce attendees are expected to surpass 170,000. In addition to the social and wellness focus, the conference will make a strong emphasis on its new artificial intelligence project, Einstein.