Content marketing has become pretty mainstream in the toolbox of every marketer. By now, we all understand the power of good content and its strength in achieving thought leadership and authority in your space.

However, once I begin to produce that content, the obvious question arises, how do I traffic more traffic to that content. Here are two fast and easy tricks that will drive high quality traffic to your site almost instantly.

Do Interviews, Do Many Interviews

Interviews are by far the most underrated form of content. As you build out your blog, you should aim to do consistent interviews with big names in your space. How consistent? That is up to you and your resources, but if you can do them once a week, you will see results almost right away.

Here is how it all goes down. You make yourself a wish list of people you want to interview. Set your goals high. I, for example, had Wozniak, Guy Kawasaki, Alyssa Milano, Marc Andreessen, and many others on my list. 

So why interviews? Well, think about it. First of all, people like to be on stage. So you reach out to a big name, ask them to do a short interview by email, you will find that nine out of ten people will agree. By offering that person a stage without selling them anything, you established the beginning of a relationship. You are now on their radar. 

You send the five or ten questions by email, they send answers, and you copy, paste, then publish. What is the first thing the person you interviewed is going to do? That's right, share it. With their extensive audience. And there you have it, instant targeted traffic.

Let's not forget the last thing that happens when you interview legends, validation. Everyone around you sees that interview and is immediately impressed that you managed to interview that person. Your name, your company, realize it or not, is associated with that person. Win.

Lists, Like Them or Not, They Work

Now take the list concept to the next level. You know all those lists you see in your Facebook feed that make you roll your eyes? "Top 50 this" and "Top 50 that". Well, you missed the point. 

Whether you read those lists or not, that is not the point. Imagine this. You write a post on your brand new finance blog, "Top 50 smartest people in Fintech", and for each person, you include a picture and a one liner. On top of the post, you include a collage of each of the 50 faces.

You publish that article and in 30 minutes or even if it takes you three hours to write, you just got your new blog on the radar of the top 50 most influential people in your industry. And you didn't even have to sell anything or even worse, spam anyone.

Not only are you now on their radar, but each one of those 50 influencers, presumably each with a large following will now share that piece across their networks, because, well, you promoted them so why wouldn't they share it?

Think about that for a second, you just got all those mega names to share your post from your blog that was just one day ago, totally anonymous.

Win again.

Interviews and lists, both easy to implement and both yield instant results while requiring minimal effort on your part. 

The most important part of all of this is the reason that these two tactics work. That is, you are not focused on taking, but rather, you are giving. In this case, you are giving someone else a stage. Turns out that when you facilitate success for others, everyone wins.