Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other platforms have shifted their focus from written content to video. The reason is simple. Video is by definition more engaging, which means, at the end of the day, it has the potential to drive more business. And yet, you are probably ignoring it.

The reason not every company out there is embracing video is because blogging is a lot easier and requires a lot less time, money, and expertise. All valid points, and yet, the other side of the coin is that that time you are investing in generating high quality video content will yield some incredible results that blogging could never dream of.

So why video? Here are five reasons:

Communicate more emotionally.

At the end of the day, whether you are focused on sales, marketing, branding, or anything else, the name of the game is sentiment. How do people about you and your offering? If you make people care, you win. One of the biggest disadvantages of platforms like Twitter is that emotion gets lost. You can't tell when a person is being sarcastic, when a person is sad, happy, or anything else. Video solves that and makes it much easier to connect with a person or brand because emotion is not lost in video like it is in written text.

Get ahead of the competition.

While everyone realizes how important video is as a medium, only a small minority leverages it. This will change drastically over the next few years and if you start now, you are positioning yourself as a leader. Start early and by the time everyone else gets around to video, you will have a tremendous head start with an engaged audience that is used to consuming your video content on a regular basis.

Tell your story better.

This point ties back to the emotional aspect of video, but it exceeds it as well. Take a look at the best website you can imagine, notice the brilliant copy, then go watch the best startup video, and you will quickly realize that high production video, with its visuals and music just gets the point across more effectively. 

Whether you are talking about a promotional video for your startup or ongoing video content, you should take advantage of the characteristics of video and its ability to communicate better. After all, a good product without a good story is kind of like a strong engine without a steering wheel.

Re-purpose away.

Video content is so easy to re-purpose so even if you have a tiny Youtube following, cut up the video and use it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is true that you can do the same with text but often, taking a sentence out of context doesn't get the job done but a short video clip for your social channels can go far and wide.

Don't forget the algorithms.

It is never a good idea to structure your content based on algorithms, and that is not what I am saying to do here. Researching hot keywords then writing a blog post to try to get traffic from that word? Not a strategy I would recommend.

Having said that, as mentioned above, all the leading platforms are prioritizing video so ignoring that, and ignoring video would be a fatal mistake. No one is telling you not to continue blogging or tweeting, but start thinking about the type of video you can create without spending all your time and resources on it. 

For example, at least in the beginning, you can use your smartphone to share insights on your industry. No financial investment required and you can easily expand your audience if the content is valuable.

Facebook, and other platforms are basically telling us all, "Create video. Help me help you." Who are we to refuse their offer?