I recently upgraded my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the 13 Pro Max. While some people have claimed that the improvements on the 13 are incremental, or they are evolutionary instead of revolutionary, I fundamentally disagree. 

The most important things in a phone were all upgraded with the 13 and now, as someone who uses my phone for most of my work, I am able to be much more productive than ever before. Here are five reasons the iPhone 13 Pro Max will enhance your workflow and make you more productive: 

1. The battery life is outstanding.

I think we can all agree that battery life is one of, if not the most important thing in a phone. The bottom line is that the battery life on the 12 Pro Max was already pretty great and the 13 upgrades that battery life significantly. Simply put, the battery on the 13 Pro Max is the best there is and I find myself with 50 percent battery left after a whole day of work. More battery means more productivity. 

2. Live text and visual lookup are pretty magical.

The ability to highlight text in an image and then copy it as if it was regular text is both seemingly magical and super helpful.

The ability to instantly look up an image and find out information about it is no less magical. Think about how many times a day you have to call a phone number that's in an image. You have to look at the image and dial the number hoping you don't mess it up. Or, think about how many times you've Googled something you saw on an image. Now with iOS 15, both these things are seamless and save me a whole lot of time every day.

3. The screen refreshes ridiculously fast.   

I realize that a 120hz refresh rate seems like something only the extreme techies among us will appreciate. But as Marques Brownlee, a tech reviewer also known as MKBHD, said in one of his YouTube videos, after using 120hz, try going back to 60 and you'll feel the difference.

Generally speaking, the experience of consuming data or doing pretty much anything on your phone is just smoother and more pleasant. That means I am able to work more on my phone, which is my primary work device. 

4. It's easier to write longer text with the extra thickness. 

The new iPhone 13 is a bit thicker and heavier than the 12 and I think that is great. While back in the day we may have appreciated thin phones, that trend has passed and I'd choose a thicker phone any day if that means it's easier to hold and has better battery life.

The 13 Pro Max just feels more solid in your hand, which is crucial when you're using it to write long text or do anything else that requires holding your phone for an extended period of time. 

5. Those cameras are just spectacular 

The biggest upgrade to the 13, and specifically the pro models, are the cameras and their photographic abilities. If photography is part of your workflow, the upgrade to the 13 is an absolute no-brainer, but even if it's not, the cameras on the 13 can really transform the way you work.

For example, the macro mode on the 13 Pro and Pro Max can basically act as a magnifying glass in case you need to read super small text. The night mode basically gives you eyes at night. The new camera system on the 13 is so good, photographers are significantly closer to not having to carry around a camera. 

So to people saying the 13 is not a worthy upgrade because it's too simple? Well, I think those people are simply wrong.