It is time to talk about a less pleasant topic. We all use social media differently. Some are very strict with their criteria by which they decide to connect with someone, others are very lenient. I am of the latter group. If I know someone in real life, I don't need a network to connect us. The point of these platforms is to expand your horizon and grow your network.

As a result of my "Sure I am happy to connect even though we don't really know each other" policy, I have a lot of people in my feed that don't belong. Lately, I have begun to take a proactive approach and I have started to remove people, whether on Linkedin or on Facebook. 

Here are 5 things that will get someone unfriended or removed immediately.

Fake News. Share it and You're Gone.

So much has been said about this topic, but for me, it is fairly simple. Share a fake story once, and I might comment with a Snopes link showing you that the story you just shared is indeed fake. Do it again, and if I like you, I might message you to give you a heads up that you should stop misleading people. A third time? Enough. 

Before sharing something you are not 100 percent sure is true, use this thing called Google and verify its accuracy. If you can't be bothered doing that, I can't be bothered fighting my urge to click Unfriend. Kapeesh? 

Offend Me to My Core, and We Can Say Goodbye.

Honestly, use your Facebook as you see fit. You want to share your political views? Go ahead. You want to use it for bullying? Wouldn't recommend it but your Facebook, your decision. However, if you consistently use your platform to offend me or people I care about, and I 100 percent do not care what side of the political spectrum you are on, that is your prerogative​. But it is my prerogative to not get upset every time I open my Facebook. It's not you, it's me, but it might be time to break up.

We Have Never Spoken? Then We Probably Won't.

This is maybe a bit controversial, but lately, when I see an unfamiliar name in my feed, I click it and then open our messages. If there are none, as in, we have never actually communicated, and we connected at some point because you added me and I accepted, then I will most likely be removing you. I don't need to be best friends with a person to be their Facebook friend, but some form of communication, even an introductory hello, is kind of necessary for me to be connected with someone. No messages between the two of us? I think that is a good sign that we are not friends so let's just make it official.

Act Like a Bot, and I Am Outta Here.

Too many people view social media as a megaphone. They use the different platforms to promote something and other than selling whatever it is that they are selling, they don't bother to do anything beneficial for anyone. Of course, there are those that go even farther and never actually open the feed to read others' work. But rather, they totally automate the process, making themselves a glorified bot. I don't know what the future holds for AI, but as of now, I really don't see myself needing robots as friends. See ya.

Read Your Own Posts or Don't Expect Me to.

Again, slightly controversial, but as a writer, it boggles my mind when someone publishes something without proofreading it. How long does it take to make sure your auto correct is not changing your words to something utterly embarrassing? Not that long. If you consistently post things with typos and other errors, well, I guess that falls under the category of offending me to my core, and while, you might be the best person in the world, I like to keep my personal feed to a certain standard. If you can't figure out how to use an apostrophe, I think we might have to begin seeing other people.

The social web is a powerful tool that provides us with amplification the likes of which we have never seen. Use it with caution.