By now, enough people have likely told you of the power of content as part of your marketing strategy. And you've already made the decision that producing articles about your industry is a good idea, you might be asking yourself one question: Who is going to read what I write?

The answer is, long term, if your content is good enough, Google and other search engines will help you increase distribution. But you also don't have to wait until that happens, because there are some tricks you can do that will drive you traffic pretty instantly. 

Interviews are a great idea to drive short term traffic, and so are creating lists. Here is why creating lists is a good idea to increase your traffic and elevate your brand:

Turn the biggest names in your industry into your marketing department.

Whether you are looking to connect with journalists who cover your space, investors who invest in it, or executives with whom you are looking to engage, instead of reaching out like the rest of the world, try creating a list and include them on it.

So, for example, let's say you're in the fitness app space and you're are looking to connect with someone who invests in your space. You should create a list with top 20 investors deploying capital in fitness apps. 

The list should have 20 images of the people you are including, each one with a few words about their work, and a collage of all 20 faces at the top of the post. As soon as you hit publish-- and especially if you share the list and tag all the people-- those 20 people will now see the list, and assuming that person is in good company, they are likely to share it. 

Not only do you get that person's followers to hopefully come check out your content, but remember, this is an investor in your space, so chances are, the traffic you will get is exactly the traffic you want.

Get on the radar of your target audience.

In addition to the eyeballs your piece will generate once that person shares it, let's not forget that this person you are featuring on your list is someone big in your industry. Whether they have a Google Alert on their name or they see your tweet in which they are tagged, you basically just got on their radar without even sending them an email.

Let's just admit one thing. Most people, if not all, have egos. Everyone likes to be recognized for their work, and it doesn't matter if you have two readers of your blog or two million, by featuring someone in a list on your blog, you are getting on their radar. Now that you broke the ice, it is time to build up that relationship, but putting them on a list is a great first step.

The collage is a nice touch because when it is shared on social, people see their face in the preview image, which increases their chances of sharing it.

Align yourself with the movers and shakers of your market.

In addition to the traffic and the relationships that are created as a result of your list, you are also making a statement here that most people won't even realize but they are thinking it subconsciously. By featuring these names on your blog, and by these people hopefully sharing your article, you are basically creating the perception that you are aligned with the people you are featuring.

In other words, you are creating a stage, deciding who gets to stand on that stage, and ultimately standing right next to the people who are fortunate enough to be sharing that stage with you.

With minimal effort, create a piece of content that gets organically shared.

In addition to all the points above, in order to drive significant traffic to your content, you need to produce content consistently. The challenge is you might not have ideas on what to write about. So by interviewing people and creating these lists, you are generating more content that is likely to be shared far and wide.

Not only will the people you are featuring share the list, but their colleagues, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and aunts and uncles might share it too. After all, if someone's nephew or niece was featured as, say, a top blogger covering a certain field, what is Facebook for if not to show off the accomplishments of loved ones?

Bottom line, when you are scrolling your feed and come across another one of these lists, maybe you will roll your eyes and keep scrolling. But guess what? You are missing the point because whoever put that list together set out to accomplish a very specific goal and the fact that you saw that list, means they are on their way to doing exactly that.