I know what you're thinking. You're too business-oriented to waste your time on some platform full of kids dancing. I bet you said the same thing about Snapchat, and before that, about Twitter. How did that work out for you? 

TikTok is dominating the App Store and I'm not only talking about the social networking category

Here are four reasons you're making a mistake by ignoring TikTok. 

Numbers simply don't lie. 

TikTok is officially the most downloaded app in the world. It was downloaded over 176 million times so far in 2022, making TikTok the fifth app ever to reach over three and a half billion total downloads. 

If you think those numbers are comprised exclusively of little girls dancing, well, you need to wake up. 

Professionals, businesses, and even large multinational enterprises are already on board and you're missing the train as you read these words. 

The algorithm is your friend. 

Ever since the invention of this thing called social media, the holy grail for businesses has been those two words everyone loves to utter: "Going viral". 

There's only one problem. On almost all the platforms, in order to achieve virality, you need one of two things: An insane amount of followers or some seriously extraordinary content. If you have both, well, you're set. 

On TikTok, the algorithm has fundamentally changed the rules of the game and you are able to reach enormous numbers by simply sharing good content. It's true that not everyone goes viral on TikTok. That would defeat the purpose. But the best way to describe what the TikTok algorithm has done is that it has democratized viral content. Anyone can go viral.

Enjoy a window into current trends. 

Listen, even if you're not creative enough to produce content on TikTok, you still need to be paying attention to the platform if you have any interest in knowing what is going on on the worldwide web. 

Before you see trends in your Facebook or Twitter feeds, you'll see them on TikTok, and again, not talking about the newest teenage dance. 

Let's face it. Trends are not only appearing first on TikTok, they are being created on TikTok. Brands who are paying attention to those trends are the brands who stay ahead of the curve and ultimately end up winning. 

Communication is evolving and you're missing it.

Putting all the above points aside, the way people and companies communicate continues to evolve and by ignoring TikTok, you're missing a very important component of your marketing, visual communication. 

Here's a confession. I've been consuming content on TikTok for a while now but refrained from producing my own content for one simple reason; I was intimidated. There, I said it. 

I am a words guy. TikTok didn't come naturally to me the way Twitter or Facebook did, and so I stayed in my comfort zone. Well, we all know what happens to people and brands that live in their comfort zone. They die in their comfort zone. 

So I forced myself to learn. I am not quite there yet, but I'm closer every day to figuring it all out. Like it or not, this is the way people are communicating today. Emojis,  memes, GIFs, and other forms of visual communication. TikTok is the mother of all visual communication and by ignoring it, you are keeping your brand in the stone ages of communication. You might as well be using a rotary phone.

So to sum it up for you, you can continue to belittle TikTok but billions of people are there and you and your brand are, one again, standing on the sidelines waiting for it to catch on. The only thing is, once it hits the mainstream, you're too late to the game.