Even in 2018, and despite the advancements we have made, good written content still goes a long way when it comes to building a brand and increasing its awareness. The trick is to leverage that content to build a business around it, something that only the best have figured out how to do, but that aside, content should be a strong and significant part of any marketing strategy in 2018.

Once you, as a marketer, have figured out that you should be generating valuable content, the next question is always, "okay, but now what? How do I get traffic?" To answer that very important question, it might be a good idea to take a look at a totally different industry, the restaurant industry. 

What Are You Selling?

Any restaurant owner will tell you, before you start perfecting the venue, designing the menu, or spending big bucks on advertising, the first thing you should do is put a sign on your restaurant. 

If I am passing by and I don't know whether you are selling pizza or hamburgers, chances are, I am not coming in. So before you go out and try to bring people to your restaurant, perhaps make sure the people that are already there, the ones passing by, are going to come in.

If I come across your website on search or anywhere else for that matter, and your site's description does not answer the question "Why should I come in?" then I am not coming in. Make sure to tell me clearly, in that one liner, what I can expect if I do click through and visit your site.

Are you selling pizza or hamburgers?

You Go for the Content, But Stay for the Experience

What is the most important thing in a restaurant? I think most people would agree it is the food. Well, that is your content. If I come to your restaurant and the food is not great, you lost me, irrelevant of how much advertising money you spent to get me there. I am not coming back. Give me what I came for, great food, great content.

What is the second most important thing in a restaurant? Most people would say it is the service. If the food is great but it takes an hour to arrive, then it comes cold, and the waiter doesn't care, well, I am not coming back because the experience of consuming that food was inferior.

If the content is great on your site but it cannot be consumed on mobile because the site is not responsive, or there are broken links, or errors, well, thanks for the good content but reading it is a pain so thank you, but no thank you. I want my food to come fast and I want my content to come fast. 

Putting aside the fact that if your site is not optimized, the search engines will penalize you, your audience won't enjoy reading your content, which means they are moving on.

Get People Talking

All that was just the beginning. If you put a sign outside or if you have good food or great service, that still won't make you a successful food venue. You need much more than that. But if food journals start writing about you, if bloggers start to cover your product, if people begin to talk, then more potential customers hear about your restaurant, try it, experience the food and atmosphere you have created, and then the snowball effect kicks in.

That is what is called incoming links in the world of SEO. The more people talk about you, the more they link to your content on the web, the more search engines promote you, the more people read your content, and hello snowball effect.

But how do you get people talking about you and linking to you? Well, content. The more you write, the more there is to talk about. If you write one article a week, that is one opportunity a week to link to you. Write an article a day, that is seven opportunities to link to you every week. Write 10 articles a day, and well, that is a lot of potential SEO juice.

Learn from the Big Boys

If you look at the authoritative sites in different fields, what you will find is a lot of content. Not to say that quality doesn't matter but volume plays a big role here. The more content you generate, the more people talk about you, and the more traffic you will get. If you are starting a new site, it is worth looking at the "Big Boys" to get an idea of how important quantity is.

The restaurant industry might not be as cutting edge as your online business, but it is sometimes helpful to go old school and learn the basics again.