Let's just get the elephant out of the room. TikTok is not for little girls dancing anymore than Snapchat is for disappearing pictures and Twitter is for sending pictures of your food. 

What I mean to say is that those platforms might have begun with one target audience in mind but have since expanded its appeal to a much wider demographic. 

Snapchat has become a significant platform for brands, and Twitter might be the most important social platform for the business sector. 

TikTok is the most popular platform today and millions of users are leaving Facebook and other platforms to spend their time on TikTok. 

Why your first impression of TikTok is no longer relevant:

The TikTok algorithm puts other algorithms to shame. 

The For You page is truly tailored and customized to my interests. So for example, I almost never see dancing girls in my feed because when they do show up, I swipe passed them immediately which signals to the algorithm that I'm not interested. 

My feed is full startups, business, tech, some NBA, and of course, super cars. The algorithm understood that those are my interests and so that is what it shows me.

For brands, the ability to target a specific audience is invaluable and really only available on TikTok. 

It gives you a real opportunity to be creative.  

Brands can tell a visual story on TikTok better than most other platforms. It really is, first and foremost, a storytelling platform, which is something all startups need; a cohesive story. 

The only thing stopping you from going viral is you. 

Listen, I've had posts on LinkedIn and Facebook go viral. I've had tweets go viral. The thing is, I have a significant amount of followers on those platforms. 

On TikTok, good content goes viral every day even if the person has a low number of followers. On TikTok, content is truly all that matters. 

TikTok has leveled the playing field  

Pay attention to where the market is going. 

Written content isn't going anywhere so fast and neither is audio but industry experts have long since predicted that video is the next frontier. 

There's only one problem. Not everyone is comfortable sitting in front of a camera and talking. 

TikTok eliminates their fear and you are able to use the hundreds of tools and filters to make your video pop. 

TikTok is the platform that is going to bring video content fully mainstream. 

The numbers don't lie. 

TikTok is growing exponentially and there are really only two options. Either your competitors are already there in which case you better catch up or they're not there yet, and you can beat them to it. Because one thing's for sure. They will be there soon. 

I personally find TikTok to be the most engaging platform and so do millions, maybe billions of others. 

Now the question remains, will you as a founder let the train leave the station or will you jump on and realize there is a gold mine waiting for you at the end of the journey?