Video Transcript

00:07 Tim Gimbel: I'm Tim Gimbel, I'm the CEO and founder of LaSalle Network, we're a staffing and recruiting firm headquartered in Chicago. We do temporary staffing and search work in the areas of accounting, finance, technology, administrative, human resources, and marketing personnel.

Why have you been successful?

00:26 Gimbel: I think number one, first and foremost, is I've never really removed myself from the business, so through two recessions and after the dot com boom, and the past couple of years I think that was really important to have my involvement and to make sure that my staff knew that the ship was being steered by the captain so to speak. So they never questioned that, we never had good people who we wanted to stay leave, I've never had somebody quit to go open up their own firm or be a competitor to us. So I think that's because they believe in what we're trying to do and the mission we've accomplished, which is nice. And at the same time, I've really worked hard to make it a good place to work, a fun place to work, some people who love work and are very passionate about it, but others have the attitude of well, if I have to work, this a good place to do it. I mean then you can combine those two types of people, it's been very rewarding to us.

What your advice for young entrepreneurs?

01:19 Gimbel: Work your ass off. I think that too often people are trying to figure out they want to start their company and they want to have a work/life balance and it's not what being an entrepreneur is about. It's about putting your blood and sweat and tears into your organization or your company, whatever you're trying to accomplish. And if you're looking for how you can go on vacation or get away, then you're not in the right place. Go all in.