The fastest way to ensure you stop progressing as an entrepreneur is to stop learning. Every business owner knows he has to stay on top of trends and industry developments to not only innovate but also compete.

That's no easy feat when you're a busy entrepreneur; it's hard to find the time to sit down and read a book or get coffee with an equally busy business owner with wisdom to share. Podcasts are a handy solution--between commuting, exercising, and knocking out mindless tasks, everyone can find time to listen while multitasking.

Finding the right podcasts, unfortunately, can represent another time suck. Here are 10 that can keep you updated on what's happening around you and inspire a few ideas of your own:

Scott, the author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity and founder of Candor Inc., launched a podcast in the same vein earlier this year. A former Google manager and CEO coach for companies like Twitter and Dropbox, she advocates for guidance-based relationships with employees.

For entrepreneurs adding to their companies' ranks, Scott's advice on caring for employees personally while challenging them directly will establish solid relationships while "getting sh(it) done." Called a "true force" by HubSpot, Scott discusses everything from the danger of promotions to how leaders can deliver praise incorrectly.

2. Landon Ray's Modern ONTRApreneur

In its examination of "what's working" and "what's dead" in the modern business world, Modern ONTRApreneur interviews cutting-edge entrepreneurs in business and marketing to find out how they made it to where they are from where they started. The podcast's interviewees include Neil Patel, Marc Randolph, and Ryan Deiss.

Modern ONTRApreneur's focus is on pulling out actionable insights that listeners can replicate in their own small businesses (without multimillion-dollar marketing budgets or large staffs). These insights have ranged from how to grow a business with Facebook ads for $5 per day to recruiting all-stars, and they're presented by Ray, a Wall Street veteran and serial entrepreneur who's the CEO of ONTRAPORT, a small-business automation platform.

3. John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire was awarded "Best of iTunes" for a reason. Its host, John Lee Dumas, interviews successful entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins, asking each founder to share his or her worst entrepreneurial moment and the lesson learned.

Dumas is a study in entrepreneurship himself. He developed daily podcasts for nine months without earning any money but learned to leverage his interviewees' networks to monetize his platform. As Entrepreneur's Eric Siu said, "Dumas currently earns more than $250,000 a month from his series, so if there's anybody out there that could...give me an inside look at how to be successful in both business and podcasting, it's him."

4. Jordan Harbinger's The Art of Charm

Harbinger has not only been a Wall Street attorney, an employee at the U.S. State Department, and a SiriusXM talk show host, he's also co-founded The Art of Charm, a self-development platform.

On the accompanying podcast, he interviews entrepreneurs and experts in human performance and psychology; his episodes have featured everyone from Bill Nye to Shaquille O'Neal. The podcast has covered how to succeed with an unfocused mind and what we can learn from tyranny. Inc. has called him the "Charlie Rose of podcasting."

5. Jay Acunzo's

Called "one of the hottest new podcasts out there" by Entrepreneur, Unthinkable shares stories about the conventional thinking we tend to adopt, as well as the people who dare to question it. This approach may sound familiar to readers of Acunzo's Sorry for Marketing blog. His content focus and experiences at Google and HubSpot have led him to champion intuition over conventional wisdom.

Founded on the belief that the dark side of the information age is advice overload, Unthinkable discusses how following others' rules leads to commodity work. To counteract this, the podcast highlights those who attempt to do work others would deem crazy. These people uncover the right questions to ask (rather than simply supply more answers) to become the exception to the rule. The podcast features stories from TED Talk speakers, best-selling authors, brewers, and more.

6. Noah Kagan's Noah Kagan Presents

While Noah Kagan Presents features entrepreneurs from different industries in a quest to determine how they've been successful, the podcast also aims to help listeners create truly interesting lives. "Not the same old crap," the podcast has covered everything from taking sabbaticals to writing best-selling novels in less than two months.

Kagan runs and, two sites devoted to providing entrepreneurs with tools to enhance their work. Prior to that, he worked at Intel, Facebook, and Mint, proving he's seen what it takes to move a company from the startup phase to the global stage.

7. Marcus Sheridan's Mad Marketing

Named a speaker "you don't want to miss the opportunity to see" by Forbes, Sheridan founded The Sales Lion brand, which focuses on inbound and content marketing to help "companies become the best communicators in the world."

The Mad Marketing podcast transitions from dumb mission statements to the disappointment of not being on your A-game. Positioned as a platform dedicated to answering real questions about marketing, Mad Marketing goes beyond that to discuss issues specific to running successful businesses.

The other half of the Entrepreneurs on Fire duo, Erickson hosts a podcast focused on running a seven-figure company. She offers tools and resources listeners can utilize, as well as insights from her days in banking, which she left to pursue advertising and marketing. She later transitioned to helping people monetize their businesses.

Her podcasts have covered everything from the importance of keeping score to the systems every business needs to run efficiently and effectively. She provides step-by-step recommendations for entrepreneurs who find themselves stuck.

9. Chris Dunn's Pathways to Wealth

Pathways to Wealth helps listeners build wealth by providing strategies from entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. The podcast veers between broad topics, such as real estate investing and trading stocks, to specific subjects, like the role cryptocurrency plays in Latin America's markets.

Dunn built a multimillion-dollar business at 25 and later founded the Skill Incubator, a community helping people succeed in today's economy by learning in-demand skills. An angel investor, he has insights valuable to entrepreneurs looking to move to the next level.

10. Lewis Howes's The School of Greatness

A former Arena League football player and a member of the U.S. Men's National Team for handball, Howes is a best-selling author and was recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Barack Obama. His diverse background fuels his desire to share stories from the best businesspeople, athletes, and celebrities, so others can emulate their greatness.

The School of Greatness delves into recognizing vulnerability as a strength and recovering from perfectionism. The podcast includes interviews with Brené Brown and Maria Sharapova.

Stagnation is the death of any promising entrepreneurial career. With podcasts, however, entrepreneurs can ensure they learn from successful people in a variety of industries. These 10 podcasts can inspire entrepreneurs--and their businesses.