With each new day comes a new software declaring it can do one thing better than any of its competitors. This glut of specialized software creates lots of niches within the market, but the accompanying overload of information does nothing for time-strapped entrepreneurs but confuse them.

With limited time, bandwidth, and funds, entrepreneurs find that it's sometimes easier to rely on all-in-one tools. Tackling lots of tasks at once can help an entrepreneur focus on the hustle it takes to make a business survive -- and thrive.

All for One and One for All

It's hard, however, for busy business owners to identify which all-in-one tools will give them their greatest chance of success. The following five platforms have been vetted by entrepreneurs, who deemed these multifaceted tools essential to their operations.


ONTRAPORT's Campaign Builder makes it easy to build sophisticated marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes, with a visual representation of each contact's journey through your funnel. It also offers a dynamic visual marketing performance reporting mode that makes it easy to understand how well your marketing automation campaign is working and then make adjustments to continually improve your performance.

The best part? ONTRAPORT's tool eliminates the second-guessing that comes along with testing marketing campaigns, and as any entrepreneur knows, one less worry is worth its weight in gold.

2. Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank offers a paperless way for small businesses to keep track of expenses and other financial data, making their lives -- and their bookkeepers' -- easier. Its software uses character recognition to complete data entry from receipt images, which eliminates errors, duplicates, and time that could be better devoted to building a business.

Perhaps the most relief-filled aspect of Receipt Bank's tools, which now include the 1Tap app, is that they integrate with cloud software, allowing the accounts payable process to happen seamlessly and to accurately reflect where a company stands today.

3. Due

Due simplifies everything having to do with online payments, including invoicing, credit card processing, and time tracking. A consolidated payment tool enables you to easily get your business up and running, and it makes life easier for your team members by directing them to just one platform to both document billable work and charge for it.

Getting paid is no minor thing when it comes to launching -- and maintaining -- a business. It's vital to rely on software that makes it easy to collect the money you need to keep your business in business.

4. Likeable Local

Social media has become increasingly important to any entrepreneur wanting to outlast the startup phase, and Likeable Local developed an all-in-one social tool to automate social media management for small businesses. Its platform includes measurement, referral lead tracking, content sharing, social listening, post scheduling, and amplification.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking that they'll tack social media on to an existing employee's packed task list, only to discover that social media management takes more time and insight than they realize. Likeable Local can free up your employees so they can focus on what they're experts in.

5. Mixmax

A great all-in-one email software that not only effectively tracks email, but is also a scheduling app, Mixmax is evolving our interactions with our email. The tool enables you to create drip campaigns and embed maps, polls, and surveys into campaign emails.

For a busy entrepreneur, the ability to develop email templates, see who opens his emails, and schedule meetings with one click (with no double bookings) represents huge savings when it comes to time and missed opportunities.

Having a lot of specialized software can be a drain on small business owners' time, funds, and capacity. Entrepreneurs with an eye on growth would do well to avail themselves of the benefits all-in-one business tools provide. When there's a lot to do and not much time to do it, consolidated tools are just the tool for the job.