Benjamin Franklin put it simply, "Time is money." These days, there's an app or service for pretty much everything and anything, but the big question is, how can it save me time and money?

Here are five new efficient solutions that save you both valuable time and money:

1. Atosho: The Publisher's One-Stop Shop

Online media is a very competitive business. With so many websites competing for attention, and the public expecting content to be distributed for free, publishers really struggle to turn a profit. Enter Atosho, a Danish startup enabling publishers to monetize their businesses by turning their sites into e-commerce engines.

Using the Atosho platform, any digital content publisher can tap into e-commerce revenue by letting readers buy a product directly from the editorial content--an article, a product review, an image, or any other digital content that creates demand--without ever having to leave the site.

Atosho manages and delivers the full shopping experience to the publisher, from providing an extensive product catalogue to handling payments, administration, and customer communications--at no cost to you, the publisher. 

2. Webydo: Who Needs Coders

It's no secret that coders are in very high demand these days. It seems that every company is seeking to hire developers who have mastered the coding languages that are the behind-the- scenes force of the internet. However, there is also the other side of the coin, the creative side of the Web, designers who depend on developers to make their designs a reality.

Webydo is an online professional website creation platform that provides designers with a blank canvas upon which they can bring their visions to life. Webydo then translates their designs into code. Designers who seek to start their own agency can use the platform to create and manage as many client websites as they wish and even bill them through the platform.

3. WeSwap: Show Me the Money Swapper

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving in a foreign country after a long flight and realizing that you need to exchange currency. Good luck finding an open bank or moneychanger.

Thank goodness for WeSwap, the first ever P2P currency exchange, which lets you swap money online with other people who are converting currency. You save the hassle of using a bank or moneychanger, and exchanges are constant at a flat rate of 1 percent for every swap.

WeSwap will also send you a prepaid MasterCard that makes it easy to withdraw or spend your money wherever MasterCard is accepted. Select the currency and amount you want and WeSwap will find you a match, or do the exchange itself (at a rate of 1.5 percent) if a match isn't readily available. 

4. Private Secretary: No More Scheduling Tag

Scheduling was supposed to get easier in the modern age, but it just seems to be more complicated, an endless back-and-forth. "Can you meet at Tuesday at noon? No? Well, what about Wednesday at 4:00? So, when are you free?" Private Secretary is a new iPhone app that takes the hassle out of scheduling a meeting. Simply pick a day and time, and the app will check your calendar and those of your invitees to find available slots. All the calendar information is kept private so you only see the times you can actually meet.

5. Viber: Free Messages and VoIP on Nearly Every Platform

Business is all about communication, and it's incredibly important to have a fast, easy, and affordable way to reach important contacts when you need to. The truth is that today there isn't a lack of options for sending free messages and making free calls. Everyone knows names like WhatsApp and Skype, and there are a host of other players as well.

Viber is a top player in the space with more than 400 million users, but to me the real value of the service lies in its incredible cross-platform options. In addition to the big ecosystems--PC, Mac, Android, iOS--Viber is also available on several additional platforms, including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, and Nokia.

One other cool trick it has is the ability to transfer calls between the mobile and desktop versions. For professionals constantly on the move this means they never have to stop a call just because they're stepping outside the office.

So it seems like Benjamin Franklin was right, "Time is money," and we should all try to be as efficient as we can with both.