Well, we've survived another Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. As usual the videos circulating around from this year's Black Friday are- in a word- terrifying. Now we can all relax - or so you thought. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly the most frenzied in-store and online shopping days of the year, don't forget that they don't signal the end of the stressful holiday shopping season, but rather just the beginning.

When it comes to holiday shopping, the well-known warning "let the buyer beware" now encompases an even wider definition of danger for both in-store and online shopping. To make matters worse, nowadays sellers have to be just as wary.

E-commerce companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware, and customer information leaks. Thankfully, with as many problems technology creates, it also provides solutions.

Here are three new companies and services helping online businesses make the holiday shopping season a little more safe and secure for everyone.

Namogoo - Protecting Online Merchants & Publishers From Malware

Imagine you're the owner of an e-commerce store or online publisher. All of a sudden, you notice that something is amiss with your site traffic and the way it is behaving. This might be the symptom of a new kind of malware, Client-Side Injected Malware (CSIM), that includes widgets (product recommendations and deals), advertisements, and spyware scripts that are injected into websites by extensions installed on customers' browsers or through their unintended software downloads. This causes customers to suddenly view pages on e-commerce websites in the way that online merchants didn't intend.


Namogoo, a cyber security start-up, publicly launched DigitalKnight, a solution to help fight off CSIM, just in time for the holidays. DigitalKnight serves as a business's personal bodyguard as it protects them from malware originating from the user's computer or mobile device, rather than on the company's servers.

As a seamless solution, DigitalKnight gives the power back to the enterprise, blocking 100 percent of CSIM from a business's website (on both desktop and mobile). And during the holiday season, protection from CSIM is particularly applicable, as Namogoo has found that on average infection rates from CSIM rise 30 percent to 50 percent during peak shopping season. Namogoo is a real-time detection and blocking solution that requires no client-side integration.

"Our DigitalKnight solution has the capabilities to protect e-commerce websites and allow brands' websites to shine during this imperative time," explains Namogoo's CEO and Co-founder, Chemi Katz. "Your visitors' devices are in essence the 'front door' to your website. If malware gets through the front door via CSIM, all the server side protection you have won't help."

Sift Science - Pouring through big data to defeat fraud

If there is one thing that every e-commerce site needs to worry about, it's preventing fraud. Nothing can be more damaging to a businesses and the relationship with its customers than fraudulent activity. This places a burden on the business and requires extra steps and hassle for customers to verify that they are legitimate.

Sift Science is trying to solve this problem by literally sifting through all the data available on the web and on users devices to determine whether they are a legitimate customer. Importantly, the company focusses on machine learning as a critical component of its technology, allowing the service to continually refine and automate its results.

Beyond that, Sift Science, uses what it calls Device Fingerprinting to identify fraudulent purchases. This involves examining a device to see how many different accounts are associated with a single device, given devices with multiple accounts have a higher chance of being fake. Instead of interested customers having to spend extra time proving they're real, Sift Science helps determine account authenticity in real time.

Web of Trust (WOT) plug-in - Safe Online Surfing For Customers & Employees

For an e-commerce business, it's imperative that site visitors feel safe browsing and using the company website. Web of Trust has created a database with crowd sourced reports of scams, privacy leaks, and vendor reputation.

By using WOT's services, companies can improve their user experience. E-commerce websites can enhance their credibility and reputation while taking measures to ensure customer safety.

Businesses can also use the WOT add-on internally to assure that all websites employees visit don't pose a threat to company computers and devices. Its traffic-light style rating system is easily understood- green means safe, yellow means caution and red means stop- making it incredibly user friendly.

Give your online shoppers the gift of security this holiday season. With the help of these technologies you can assure that your e-commerce site is safe on their end and yours.

What about you? What tech do you think will make our websites safer for holiday shopping? Let me know in the comments.