In the early stages of a business, creative needs are fairly manageable. Many companies are able to get away with outsourcing limited jobs to cover the creative elements of the business. But as a company grows, increasing creative demands can cause a sudden gap in the workforce.

Whether you need to add one or two creatives to your team or build a whole new lineup, quickly catching the eyes of top talent is imperative for getting the best candidates on your team. When your company becomes a beacon attracting the attention of creatives, you change the game; instead of wasting resources on scouting or sifting through piles of underwhelming résumés, you'll be taking your pick from the best of the best.

Here are six ways to get creatives dying to work for you:

1. Emphasize creative opportunities in your workplace.

Working Not Working, an invite-only community that connects the world's most talented creatives with companies looking to hire them, recently did a survey on this very subject. For two years running, the company found creative opportunity as the top factor -- for a whopping 60 percent of respondents -- when candidates are considering a job opportunity. Factors such as team dynamics, compensation, and company reputation all trailed far behind.

Creative people don't want to be put in a box personally or professionally. Make sure your hiring team understands the importance that in-demand creatives place on finding a working environment where they can push their creative limits.

2. Stimulate creative minds through variety.

A great way to create a workplace where people can push their creative limits is by offering a variety of projects. A diverse workload gives people a chance to use the full spectrum of their talents or expand their skills into new territory.

Promote the fact that your company functions in a fast-paced industry, moving quickly from client to client, each of which has different needs and desires. Even when working for one client, needs can change unexpectedly, and urgent projects can suddenly pop up. Let prospective employees know that your creative teams are never bored.

3. Communicate how people can grow.

In addition to sharing a desire to challenge themselves creatively, people who can bring high-level creative talent to your company usually want to challenge their minds and expand their skill sets as well. They want to know that joining your team will mean opportunities to learn more. In fact, a recent Ceridian study found that 91 percent of respondents cited development opportunities as important to their desire to stay with a company.

For example, creative advertising agencies develop appealing reputations by consistently delivering high ROI for clients through genius ideas. Such agencies could offer creatives the opportunity to learn how to manage clients, develop strong concepts, sell ideas, and generally take their work to the next level.

4. Give people room to breathe.

People who are energized by creative outlets often find rigid work systems to be repressive. Make sure you only enforce rules that have a clear purpose, and communicate that purpose to your creative teams.

Allow for flexibility wherever you can, such as by offering remote working all or part of the time, having casual dress codes in the workplace, and developing lenient scheduling policies that allow people to set their own hours. Many creatives place high value on self-expression, and they appreciate the freedom to create at their preferred time and place.

5. Foster a collaborative, social environment.

The new expectation among promising candidates is a workplace with all the perks. Game rooms, relaxation spaces, free yoga classes, and cafes create socially stimulating and personally restorative environments where creative minds can thrive.

But don't stop at fun perks. A study from YouEarnedIt found that 49 percent of employees value a culture over physical environment or technology when it comes to their own satisfaction and well-being. Work with your team members to set productivity goals, fostering trust and empowering them to do their best work. Inspiring autonomy creates space for innovation and productivity to flourish while also developing a workspace that creatives would love to function in.

6. Offer opportunities to network.

The same way creatives want opportunities for personal growth, they also want to grow their networks. Tout your connections as one of the benefits your company can offer. Especially if you're working with freelancers, let working with you be a significant chance for people to expand their networks through your partners, clients, consultants, or suppliers.

As your business grows, a strong creative team is essential for driving it forward. If you focus on building an environment that's enticing to creatives, you'll have a long list of talented people to choose from. When everyone wants to work for you, you can get the best in the industry to push your company ahead of the compe