With the 2016 election right around the corner, America is getting a little nervous about which way the results might go. Without opening a political can of worms, let's just say that both candidates have flaws that worry voters.

To gauge how employees across the country are feeling about the election, Quantum Workplace -- a company with an employee feedback platform designed to make work better each day -- surveyed employees from their Best Places to Work competition. The results in the infographic below show that America's workplaces are torn about their political options.

Here's where employees stand on some big issues in the 2016 election:


Throughout the campaign, the honesty and integrity of both candidates has been called into question several times. And, as a result, it seems neither have succeeded in gaining America's trust.

According to the Quantum Workplace study, only 28.5 percent of employees trust Clinton. An even smaller 21.9 percent trust Trump. And that may be why many people won't be turning out to vote on November 8. Just over 20 percent of employees are not planning on voting in the 2016 election. Half of them are not going to the polls because they don't feel they can support either candidate.


One of the biggest concerns is how the new president will affect the economy and, in turn, American's jobs. The Great Recession is still fresh in our minds and nobody wants the next four years to lead us back down that path. Yet, most people think the current candidates might have a negative impact on their jobs.

When it comes to Clinton, 30.1 percent of employees feel she will have a negative effect on their career. Almost half -- 48.8 percent -- fear Trump will hurt their professional life.

Gender Inequality

There's no ignoring the importance of gender issues in this election. The fact that Clinton is the first female candidate from a major party and Trump has been accused of sexual harassment while attempting to shine a light on Bill Clinton's history with women make this topic very complicated.

That's probably why there's a distinct line between how men and women are choosing sides. Men are split fairly evenly; 34.9 percent are choosing Trump and 33.5 percent Clinton. Women, however, favor Clinton. Only 20 percent are voting for Trump and 44.3 percent side with Clinton.

And it's worth noting that this survey occurred before the damning Billy Bush bus tape was released. It's likely even more female employees are siding with Clinton as we head into the election.

The Future of America

In this election, we're being asked to choose between two very different directions for the country. Because of that, there are strong feelings about coming changes. When asked their top fears about each candidate, survey respondents had clear concerns.

For Trump, employees listed another financial crisis and declining international trade as their biggest fears. For Clinton, it was higher taxes and more government regulations on businesses.

To see what else employees are worried about concerning the election, check out the full infographic below:

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