On January 26 and 27, Inc. Business Owners Council Greater New York will be holding a "New Member Invitational" to introduce business owners of businesses with at least $2 million in annual revenue to The Council. Here's a preview of that event.

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How did one firm grow from 200 clients to 200,000 clients?

By completely re-imagining itself: what it does and how it tells its story.

Sharon Newman, CEO of Action Envelope, was a stay at home mom when her husband, Ken, founded the business. When he died unexpectedly, Sharon jumped in. Today, she presides over one of the largest online office supply retailers in America. She also serves on NY Federal Reserve Bank's Small Business Advisory Council.

Sharon's son, internet expert Seth Newman, President, joined her along the way and helped to re-invent the firm and architect a new business model.

Together, they learned that just because you fall into an existing business model doesn't mean you have to follow old rules. The Action Envelope story is one of both innovation and execution. If you're a business owner in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area, join us to hear the methodology they used to grow their business to over 200,000 clients and turn that most ordinary of products--the envelope--into an extraordinary business.

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