Wakes up early. Hits snooze-not. Checks emails. Gets into the sales mindset: work out, hearty breakfast, multiple cups of coffee, entrepreneur podcast on the drive to the office. And action. It’s time to start selling.

This is just a regular day in the life of a salesperson, plus or minus a few team meetings, phone calls, new clients, rejections, and closed deals.

Sales is an important position across a variety of fields. From insurance to beauty products to automobiles to real estate, there is virtually no product or service that doesn’t need some sort of sales function.

Making the decision to pursue a career in sales can be fulfilling yet demanding, exhilarating yet exhausting, rewarding yet taxing. However, a career in sales can be well worth the hard work and effort that goes into the triumph of making a sale, which is why more than 14 million people have chosen to work in the sales field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salespeople must be skilled in many areas, including knowing how to really connect with a person. Understanding and having the ability to adjust tone and attitude when speaking to the different types of communication styles is just one of the many skills needed to be successful in sales. With many industries requiring salespeople to work with clients exclusively by phone, having the aptitude to read a person’s social dynamic solely by the tone of their voice is critical. Not only must a salesperson identify communication styles, they also must match the potential client’s attitude in order to gain their trust, loyalty, and business. Keeping up energy every day, even in the face of a possible rejection, is one of the key qualities of a successful salesperson who keeps pushing forward.

Successful salespeople also need resiliency. While many individuals who have no experience in sales may be aware of the victories achieved by salespeople on a regular basis, it is less likely that the troubles and downfalls are as apparent. Working in sales can be emotionally taxing on an individual, as salespeople experience rejection and failure much more frequently than many other professions.

Managing a work-life balance is crucial for any working professional. For salespeople, having a strong emotional foundation is important, whether that support comes from family, friends, or peers. Dealing with rejection daily can grind a person down and can be demotivating and discouraging for many. In a sales role, professionals must bounce back quickly from negativity in order to keep working every day, requiring them to be emotionally tough.

While there are some challenges in working in sales, there is also an abundance of triumphs that come with it. The feeling of closing a transaction after putting in the hard work and extensive effort while working with a client is one of the best rewards for a salesperson. Especially after receiving countless “no’s,” that final “yes” makes the demands of sales worth it at the end of the day.

As a sales manager, you can support your sales team emotionally and professionally:

  • Provide resources for stress management, such as team-building initiatives and positive reinforcement, to avoid burnout over time.
  • Be understanding of personal time; encourage “mental health days” and a work-life balance, so your salesperson can take some time off to refresh and get ready to jump back into it.
  • Limit your sales team from working overtime to prevent overworking that could lead to exhaustion. SetSchedule sets strict policies to disallow the sales team from working overtime for this exact reason.
  • Give your team precise expectations and quotas to meet. Many salespeople have a personality that is motivated by reaching set goals, and they often enjoy the competitive nature of the challenge to meet and beat key performance indicators.

The work life of a salesperson will have its challenges and triumphs, but at the end of the day, there is a significant reason for waking up every morning, getting into the sales mindset, and working through the obstacles and rejections. The rewards and successes achieved by a salesperson are sweet and well worth the challenges overcome to get to them