It's easy to believe that the only thing that matters to a client is technical skill, but the reality is that loyal clients are looking for more, especially during times of crisis like the ongoing pandemic. So what are they looking for, and how can you deliver it? 

1. Create an excellent experience

Being client-centric is the most important function of your business. It encompasses how you onboard your customers, how (and how often) you communicate, how you train, how you create results, and even how they feel about you. Creating an excellent experience will lead to multiple referrals to ideal clients on a regular basis.

2. Build a high-performing team

To attract and retain high-net-worth, highly profitable, and even high-profile clientele, you need to build a high-performing team that doesn't need babysitting. The key is to keep your highest performers for the long-haul, eliminate your "C-players," and train your "B-players" to become "A-players." When your team is strong and has mastered the softer skills they don't teach in school, they're able to work quickly and efficiently while still maintaining a high level of customer service. Having a mission-driven company that focuses more on achieving the mission than just making money gives the team a purpose and motivation for excellent performance.

3. Create systems that employees can easily follow 

Customer service is an important factor in keeping clients happy, but how do you make time to focus on your clients' needs while still getting other tasks completed? The key is to work smarter, not harder. Create new systems that allow your employees to work less while keeping quality high. Your time is spent managing the systems, not the clients or employees.

4. Provide more value while spending less of your time

A great way to provide more value, more efficiently, is to train your clients to do what's in their best interest. Training empowers them to make educated decisions about simple matters while allowing the team to focus their efforts on larger decisions. In addition, simplifying the process of achieving consistently great results reduces time spent while increasing benefits for your clients.

Loyal clients are critical to a company's growth. People rarely give recommendations for mediocre services, so make sure your business stands out as superior, and the referrals will begin to flow in.