Versatile managers are able to make quick adjustments that improve morale and confidence among employees. However, getting everyone on the same page is easier said than done. A stronger team may be built with a viable plan and actionable steps toward success. 

Set clear expectations  

Remarkable results will rarely happen by accident. It is easier to proceed when there is a visible path forward. Setting clear expectations is the best way to ensure that everyone understands the task. 

Establish a method of communication

Proactive feedback can strengthen a team's performance. If people are unable to easily communicate, some key details may be overlooked. However, with a solid method of communication, people will know to place a phone call, send an email, use text messaging services, or to share details via the next video conference meeting.

Discuss goals for the team

Set a target on which the team should focus. Thought leaders should discuss measurable goals with every person on the team. Mentioning the desired results will give everyone an understanding of the expectations. 

Emphasize what needs to happen

Specific steps may be needed to reach a goal on time. Providing a game plan for team members to follow could be instrumental toward achieving certain goals. With a clear road map, team members will understand what needs to happen to obtain a victorious outcome.

Develop trust 

A trusting environment fosters confidence and a willingness to work harder, while a lack of trust could limit a team from firing on all cylinders. When everyone takes responsibility for certain errors or mistakes, a team can honestly assess which improvements might have the most impact. Trust is not automatic, and leaders should know that it must be built over time. However, leaders can build a stronger team with values that are centered around honesty, integrity, and trust. 
Share useful ideas 

Minor improvements could greatly enhance a product or a service. When useful ideas are circulated, a team might perform much better. Providing a suggestion box or a place to document helpful tips may result in a more efficient process or a safer way to execute certain steps.

Implement a unique process  
Market leaders typically use a systematic process to outperform the competition. Whether a company has a unique formula or a secret sauce, a team that uses an organized approach to complete specialized tasks should consistently obtain high-quality results. Establish and document your system to create a more consistent workflow.

Get to know members of the team

Becoming familiar with the habits, strengths, weaknesses, and influences of team members will give a manager some insight toward the motivators that make certain individuals tick. With special events, such as a picnic or a holiday party, a manager can get to know members of the team beyond their daily performances.

Lead by example 

Anyone with high expectations of others should lead by example. A great coach, mentor or a manager will not be seen as a hypocrite when every effort reflects an adherence to the goal. Leaders who exemplify an unwavering commitment can earn the respect of others.   

When a leader walks in lockstep with people who are expected to meet high performance standards, building a stronger team is easier.