Running a business requires a 360-degree look at threats, as well as what is needed to succeed for the future. This is woven into the fabric of many successful firms. When disasters strike, either natural or policy-driven, those who make a plan with the 360-degree viewpoint included for execution improve their chances for survival. Situational awareness is something that businesses can benefit from by implementing a plan that can weather any storm.

In the role we play in supporting the supply chain with our customer base, we often interact with those who are aware of this critical need. Nicky Dare, founder of iDare, is an advocate for situational awareness (SA). She regularly trains, speaks, and shares critical knowledge that is supported worldwide. KUOG Corporation regularly assess our 360-degree view based on outlines covered by this expertise in SA.

Assessing threats, both external and internal, is a strategic move that the best businesses do well.

The ups and downs of entrepreneurship are worthy of the pain to reach the end goal. To withstand assaults from every direction, aligning passion and purpose is key. Leaders who embark on the journey of entrepreneurship understand it is not for the faint of heart. Business advice provided in simple steps or as a bullet-point list can be a key to infinite success.

The late Bruce Lee, world-renowned actor and martial artist, influenced a lethal discipline of martial arts in Jeet Kune Do by taking the best of Wing Chun, boxing, fencing, elements of Muay Thai and Savate and formulating his own methods with a flare of his vision. Taking advice and adapting it to your vision may lead to your success.

Conventional methods of building a business often fall within the bell curve for standard advice that many follow. Outside this curve, with an effective plan and market readiness, there is an unconventional pathway to follow. Consider the methods utilized by the top businesses to deliver your business solutions from the best of applicable domains in business. For example, having situational awareness will be important if you're preparing your company to create NFTs or accept crypto currency.

In no selective order, let's consider some of these methods.

Learn From the Best in Business

What do the best marketers, brands, tax advisers, and supply chain partners do? How do they sustain and grow in both small and large markets? How do small tech firms compete in markets where the larger behemoths dominate? How does government policies, your competitors, and your industry weather buying cycles during the year? What threats are they currently encountering that you should be mindful of? What is your plan if it takes two years to grow a successful base of customers? The answers to these questions may help you set the basic framework for growing your business.

What can you learn from these businesses? What is their strategic plan like? How have they prepared for disasters? How do they rebound? How do they prepare ahead of time? What training do these business owners have to limit exposure to external threats?

Strategically align your plan. How does your current business plan align with your current workload? Will your approach warrant a franchise over a standalone business? Fuse together the best of what you see in these businesses and prepare for adaptation as you learn from the real-life school of entrepreneurship.

Cultivate a Relentless Desire to Succeed

Every day, commit to discipline and learning the tools to be a success. A simple business plan that outlines growth with reasonable calculations for revenue helps to position a 360 view for situational awareness on how to protect the business for possible threats. Informed preparation from the business that shelters the goals with an identified SA plan better prepares the teams. There is no silver bullet for succeeding in business. It is a combination of many factors. The foundation of many successful entrepreneurs is rooted in a relentless desire to succeed despite the setbacks. Being prudent to protest against avoidable set-backs makes a business better prepared to reach its end goal. Most successful entrepreneurs have a relentless drive to succeed and the ability to weather setbacks. They also have the ability to assemble teams and partners, and they have the necessary focus to win the end game.

Every day, commit to endure and focus on the purpose driving your results. Be alert to potential threats, internal and external, that can hinder your growth. Taking part of situational awareness training and providing your team members with tools to succeed both personally and professionally is invaluable. They may cause a ripple effect when disaster strikes in knowing how to survive, help others, and also support the business during an unforeseen event.

Reverse-Engineer Your End Result

Provide top-rated customer service. Drive revenue with empathy, as if winning friends and influencing people was your template for sales. Know the numbers that matter for your business, as if a hedge fund was about to acquire it.

Being mindful of the internal and external threats to your business is a way to show kindness and empathy to those who are on your teams. It takes into consideration their income and skills to survive should disaster strike. They will be thankful for the training provided. If a cyber-attack to your business and a natural disaster struck at the same time, what protocols do you have in place to minimize the damage? With remote work being prevalent right now, considering how to make contact with your team members matters. Making situational awareness training part of your strategic outlook helps the overall success of your firm. Look for those firms that are skilled in this training and your team will be grateful you did. 

Having a great situational awareness focus to your business, leadership, and training may help improve your overall chances for success.