The factory doors open at sunup and the employees hop to it. You might think the drudgery--day after day, egg after egg--would be wearing, but the hens at Handsome Brook Farm are happy producers. Perhaps it's the workplace. The company says that, unlike farmers who claim to raise organic or free-range eggs and then keep their chickens in warehouses, Handsome Brook lets its hens run loose on actual farms. Bryan and Betsy Babcock created the business from what had been a charming feature of their B&B--breakfast courtesy of the house hens. But the guests loved what they were served so much the Babcocks realized there could be a market for pasture-raised eggs. And so Handsome Brook Farm was hatched.

For the 500 magazine issue, Inc. sent photographer Michael George to the farm's home in Franklin, New York to capture Handsome Brook in all of its bucolic splendor.