After the past few months, it would be difficult for even the most resolute entrepreneur to keep from losing focus and becoming demoralized. So how can you get your employees to perform--and stay motivated yourself--in the current business climate? Think small, says Daniel Pink.

The best-selling author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us and When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing says that rather than trying to accomplish grand, audacious goals, you'll see far better results by pursuing small wins. But, he adds, even when the goal is something modest--for example, finishing a product update--leaders need to clearly communicate to team members how their work connects to the bigger picture.

Pink shared these insights in an Inc. Real Talk: Business Reboot streaming event June 24. He also offered advice during the Q&A session on a range of other topics, including the importance of transparency for leaders, the need to foster a sense of belonging among your employees, and how to best tailor rewards to the types of work projects you're assigning. Check out all the highlights in the video clips below.

On why to go after small wins:

On what truly motivates employees:

On staying on your mission:

On the need for transparency:

On the future of work:

On giving your workers autonomy:

On listening to your customers:

On helping employees feel that they belong:

On monetary rewards: