In 2011, Jessica Alba founded the Honest Company after the birth of her daughter, Honor, made her realize that baby products often contain many harmful chemicals. The company, which went public in May 2021, is valued at about $550 million and has since expanded its offerings to include a variety of household goods. 

Alba spoke to All the Hats editor Teneshia Carr about bringing her ideas to market, and how she had to limit her product offerings at the outset: "My initial proposal was ... too big. It was like 100 pages," says Alba, noting that she originally wanted to create a company that would take an ethical and holistic approach to producing everything from paint to furniture and detergents. But she realized that "the much more tangible approach was 17 products across home, skin care, and baby."

Alba also spoke about her journey as an entrepreneur, her passion for making sure other women don't have to repeat her struggles, and how even she struggles with feelings of imposter syndrome. "I know that I've knocked down some walls, and climbed some hills and done all that," she says. "I'll be damned if someone else has to go and do that again."