Jason Fried is 20 years ahead of the rest of us.

Having run an all-remote team for two decades, the co-founder and CEO of remote software-maker Basecamp is uniquely qualified to help business owners who are struggling to adapt to the new normal. In an installment of Inc.'s Real Talk: Business Reboot series on May 6, he shared tips for managing a remote workforce and insights on new opportunities for professional creativity.

Watch the highlights from the Q&A session in the videos below.

On why remote work beats working in an office:

On why check-in meetings are a waste of time:

On how to be efficient instead of busy:

On why you shouldn't replace meetings with videoconferences:

On how to evaluate remote work without spying:

On the problem with real-time communication:

On the future of office design:

On how to preserve your company culture in a remote world:

On how to help parents working remotely: