John Paul DeJoria knows something about overcoming adversity, having gone from living in his car to becoming a self-made billionaire. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic creating a catastrophic business environment, the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits is in a unique position to help other entrepreneurs. In an installment of Inc.'s Real Talk: Business Reboot series on April 29, he passed on some of his wisdom about staying positive and spotting new opportunities even in the toughest conditions. Watch the highlights from the Q&A session in the videos below.

On preparing yourself to face rejection:

On maintaining a positive attitude during hard times:

On creating a product that will generate repeat business:

On the power of adding value:

On the importance of keeping up with personal connections:

On looking beyond your current circumstances:

On what it takes to spot a great business opportunity:

On how to make customers understand the value of your products and services:

On surrounding yourself with people who will help you be successful: