1. IPOs Are Back (and So Is Biotech)

Through the end of March, 64 companies went public raising nearly $11 billion, according to new research from IPO advisor and research company Renaissance Capital. That's more than double the number of companies that went public in the first quarter of 2013, and the highest number since the same period in 2000, Renaissance reports. Health care and biotech firms dominated the public debuts.-Inc.com

2. The Stickiness Factor

Early adoption and buzz are great, but what makes people stick with your product over the long haul? That's the dilemma facing makers of wearable tech: According to a research paper by Endeavor, one in 10 Americans own an activity tracker, but half of them no longer use it. One-third of buyers stop using their wearable within six months of purchasing it.--The Guardian

3. Watch Out, Siri?

Microsoft unveiled Cortana, its version of the personal assistant, Wednesday. What's known so far: it will work with third-party apps, and it can accept both voice and text commands. If you're an app maker, keep an eye on development.--VentureBeat

4. Alternative Loans

Backed by big names like Google Ventures and Accel Partners, alternative lenders (such as OnDeck and CAN Capital) catering to small businesses have attracted millions in VC loot and lent billions to entrepreneurs. But before you take their money or trust their Silicon Valley pedigrees, know this: These lenders rely on old-school loan brokers to find small businesses; and those brokers get "sky-high commissions," which can double the cost of your already pricey loan.--Businessweek

Published on: Apr 3, 2014