1. Social Survival

Next time you think social media is irrelevant, consider General Motors. The Detroit car maker recently enlisted a team of 20 to manage its social media presence seven days a week as it copes with the recalls of 1.6 million cars linked to 12 deaths. “If they don’t respond to the customers, then those customers are going to continue to flame them,” Roland Rust, a professor of marketing at the University of Maryland, told the Times. Further proof that reaching out to your customers in a digital way makes or breaks your relationship with them. -- The New York Times

2. Actifio Closes Funding

Joining the billion-dollar valuation club today is data visualization management startup Actifio, which just raised $100 million led by Tiger Global Management. The B2B company, with $207 million in total funding and a $1.1 billion valuation, is reportedly eyeing a 2015 IPO. -- TechCrunch

3. COOs: An Endangered Species?

Only about one-third of large U.S. public companies still have chief operating officers, once the de facto second-in-command. The trend is to divvy up operations tasks among other top executives, with chief financial officers in particular taking on more responsibility. Question of the day: Could your CFO be doing more for you? -- Quartz

4. Ageism In Silicon Valley

Does your company have a problem with ageism? Noam Scheiber recounts his experience in Silicon Valley of being “35, in your prime, and dismissed as washed up.” -The New Republic

5. Apple-Comcast Talks Rumored

Apple is reportedly working on a deal to deliver its streaming, cloud-based content via a private Comcast Internet network that is less congested and more reliable. Like last month's Netflix deal, this arrangement with Comcast could pave the way toward industry consolidation and greater challenges to Net Nutrality. -- TechCrunch

6. Hacklash

If you need to help your startup grow, don't hire a "growth hacker." Stan Chudnovsky, co-founder of Ooga Labs and PayPal’s VP of Growth, says that term is loaded, over-hyped, and has lost its meaning. What you really need to have is a product that gives the user instant value, enough for them to tell all their friends. You also need a great marketing strategy to get the right story out there. -- TechCrunch