1. Vying for Domination

Amazon plans to unleash a free, ad-supported TV and music video service to Prime members this year, the Journal reports. Just as news of Spotify's intended IPO signals an industry shift, this move shows Amazon wants to be a serious multimedia player and is willing to crush anyone in its way, even Apple.--Wall Street Journal 

2. Go West, Young Founders

The country's demographics continue to shift toward cities--especially to cities in the west. Business owners looking to open a satellite office might want to bear these population (and, thus, talent) trends in mind.--Here & Now

3. Sometimes Copy Cats Do Win

First, Cadillac made a pompous video about hard-working rich Americans. Now Ford, parodying the Caddy commercial shot by shot, has a commercial using a real Detroit-based entrepreneur behind compost company Detroit Dirt to advertise the Ford C-Max Energi. Guess who's winning?--Business Insider 

4. Starting Young 

It's never too early to embark on a career in entrepreneurship. Check out these 10 founders who started their companies before they reached the age of 18.--TechRepublic

5. Going on Offense

Former Yale University president Rick Levin, who just signed on as Coursera's new CEO, is already working hard to change the public perception about the effectiveness of MOOCs, or massively open online courses. His tactic: lead with metrics. "By the time it's over, 8,000 to 10,000 people will have completed [Yale economics professor] Bob Schiller's course. That will be more students by far than he has taught in his 32-year Yale career," Levin said.--Quartz 

6. An Acquisition With Baggage?

Remember startup darling Waze that Google bought for $1 billion last year? Well, an Israeli accountant reportedly filed a class-action lawsuit against the navigation app maker, claiming the company built its software on an open sourced roadmap project.--Valleywag