If you make a product that no one wants, immediately stop and make something else. That might sound obvious, says renowned speaker and marketing expert Seth Godin, but too few small-business owners do the work to properly identify who their audience is and what it really needs. 

Godin made the point during Inc.'s 'Real Talk: Business Reboot' webinar on May 20. The author of This Is Marketing and Tribes went on to explain how to find who your customers are, and what it takes to truly serve them. For more of his insights from the Q&A session, watch the highlights below.

On refocusing on why your started your business:

On determining who your business is aimed at helping:

On why change is your friend:

On the importance of being consistent:

On committing to helping employees and customers during this crisis:

On practical empathy:

On the distinction between advertising and marketing:

On why your ideas don't all have to be original: