Simon Sinek is still asking why.

The best-selling author of books including The Infinite Game and Find Your Why knows that what separates leaders and innovators from everybody else often comes down to identifying why they do what they do.

Sinek recently participated in Inc.'s latest Real Talk: Business Reboot webinar, where he shared his ideas about how to embrace an infinite mindset and strategies to lead your team through these difficult times and into the new normal.

To watch the highlights from the one-hour live event, held on Thursday, June 18, check out the videos below.

On how to make your employees fanatical:

On how to keep employees inspired during a crisis:

On how to show vulnerability as a leader:

On how to listen and learn from Black Lives Matter:

On why you shouldn't view other companies as competitors:

On how much transparency is too much:

On why you can't lead over email:

On the 1 character trait leaders need right now: