Welcome to the 195th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor in chief, James Ledbetter.

This week, executive editor Jon Fine discusses the recent investigation from The New York Times into how Facebook handled the crisis surrounding Russian operatives using its platform during the 2016 U.S. presidential election to spread disinformation. Though Facebook doesn't seem to be making any changes in leadership at the moment, the ultimate impact of the Times investigation remains to be seen.  

I tell the story of Meghan Daly, who opened a pie shop in Brooklyn in 2011 and built a community of loyal fans. Daly's business was doing well when, in 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Daly struggled to keep up with her bills while she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and thought she might lose Daly Pie. Then her fans stepped in.

Lastly, staff writer Will Yakowicz explores how some people are using Ketamine to treat depression. While it's not cleared by the FDA yet, this new form of treatment is providing relief to some patients.

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