We're on a roll.

The third episode of Inc.'s new podcast hit the wire this week. Inc. Uncensored is our weekly look inside what's new and fascinating in the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and technology.


James Ledbetter, the editor of Inc., is host of the podcast, which is part of the Panoply network. Regular participants include: executive editor Jon Fine, a longtime BusinessWeek columnist and Inc.'s technology editor; senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, who covers technology, startups, and culture; and staff writer Will Yakowicz, who covers management, cryptocurrency, and the grey economy.

This episode glances into the future of artificial intelligence. Listen to what Jon Fine--along with some of the greatest minds of our times--thinks the future holds for the way humans interact with machines.

Will Yakowicz talks about the future of biometrics. Can they eliminate car keys, ATM pin codes, and, well, every pesky password in our daily lives?

Finally, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin explains one of the best industries to start a business in 2015: Relaxation Beverages. And, no, she is not talking about a nice glass of pinot noir.

Plus: Find out what made every member of the podcast team hit the "Like Button" this week. Some of the choices may make your stomach rumble.

You can listen to individual episodes on the Panoply networkSoundcloud, or on iTunes--where you can also subscribe. We hope you enjoy. Stream the third episode below, or click the links at the left.