On this week's episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, host Christine Lagorio-Chafkin along with writers and editors Diana Ransom, Jeff Bercovici and Will Yakowicz discuss how startups are broadly affecting the rental economy. There's Airbnb in San Francisco, subject this week to a referendum that sought to limit the number of days a tenant or owner can lease her apartment or house using the service. Voters, though, turned down Proposition F, as it was called. Bercovici, who is Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief, explains what went down--and what it means.

And on the East Coast, there's a new shared rental phenomenon breaking out that could soon be national: Co-living. Features editor Diana Ransom has the story. (And for more, check out her recent feature on the topic.)

There's a new generation buying fine jewelry. Will Yakowicz breaks down the companies shaking up the once tightly-controlled diamond industry. He mentions this story on Inc.com about a new line of business that's doing very well for the jewelry startup Gemvara.

Oh! And there's the drones and the bees... This fantastic video (below) offers the bees' opinion on the new technology. They are clearly buzzed about it. 

(Note: this also happened in Brooklyn, and in Miami Beach. So, drone-on-drone spats are apparently now a thing.)


We mention a few other articles from around the web, including a report on ghost cities in China.  And here's news about the (shiver) planned Hunger Games theme park.

And we also applaud a couple of companies that offer six weeks--or even unlimited--vacation to employees. But, hey, not every outfit can afford such an extreme perk. We understand. Here's a piece we reported  on other creative benefits companies offer.


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