The concept of a work-life balance is almost impossible to achieve as an entrepreneur. The idea of forming a barrier between your work life and your personal life is likely unattainable--they are two parts of a whole. Your business is a subset of your life.

When you're an entrepreneur, your working hours are not confined to regular business hours; it takes time and dedication to get your business off the ground. How can you expect your professional and personal life to not affect the other? 

Work-life integration instead of work-life balance

The way to avoid burnout is knowing what matters are most pressing. You can't split your life in half, but you can establish a schedule that prioritizes your responsibilities according to what needs your immediate attention. Your personal and professional lives are not different worlds that can coexist separately; it's unrealistic to think that your work life won't bleed into your personal life.

Instead, you should strive toward maintaining a fluid work-life integration. Your personal and professional lives are not competitors. There will be times when your professional responsibilities will demand your utmost focus and attention, and it is imperative that you tend to work matters right away, or vice versa! The goal is to be fluid and encourage synergy to blend all aspects of your life: career, family, wellness, etc.

Technology that helps time management

At the end of the day, it comes down to adaptability and time management. For business owners who are starting out, it can be hard to know when to delegate responsibilities, but when you hire people to do designated tasks, you take stuff off your plate and free up time for yourself to be present in your day-to-day life. Your business will also benefit from hiring people with experience and the specific skill set needed for their roles in the company.

Luckily, there are a plethora of software and tools available to help entrepreneurs manage time:

  1. Cloud-based communication software: allow team members to access pertinent information quickly and efficiently, facilitating easy communication and collaboration
  2. Project management software: tracks progress and tasks, making it easy for entrepreneurs to keep their finger on the pulse of the company
  3. Online calendar services allow you to share your availability with others, so that you can determine when you are available to colleagues

Blending your work and life is all in your mindset. If you view leisure time as a reward for work or if you consider your time at work as taking away from leisure time, then you're making it harder to achieve any sort of integration. When you're passionate about your company and your career, you'll find just as much fulfillment in your work as you do when you're off the clock.