Video Transcript

00:10 Meg Hirshberg: So, I'm Meg Cadoux Hirshberg and I have a column with Inc magazine called Balancing Acts. It's a regular column and the focus of the column is the effect of entrepreneurial business on families, which is a subject I'm well acquainted with because I have been married to an entrepreneur for 25 years this June. And we started our business, well, my husband started the business back in the early '80s and I joined him up in New Hampshire and we had a very arduous startup. And then eventually I got into freelance writing and started writing about this particular topic for Inc, actually in 2008. I wrote a feature for the magazine and we got snowed with mail, which caused the Editor in Chief, Jane Berentson, to ask me to contribute this regular column.

01:05 Hirshberg: So each month I tackle a different piece of this broader issue because... And the reason it's so important is because every entrepreneurial business profoundly affects the family. It's not like the regular job, you get up, you go to work, you come home. Maybe you bring your stress home, but you're not putting the family at financial risk. Usually, you're not... You don't have investors and other people that you're answering to, you're not plagued on weekends and nights with all kinds of responsibilities. So, there are a lot of issues that arise in an entrepreneurial marriage and family that don't really come up with that great frequency or intensity otherwise.