In one of my books I mentioned that hope is not a strategy. As a business owner you have to rely heavily on business acumen and sound decision-making in securing contracts and closing the deals. So, hope in and of itself is not a strategy, but I failed to realize something within that statement. It is believed that you can go three weeks without food, possibly eight to ten days without water, but you can't survive a day without hope when it comes to your mental well-being. According to Wikipedia hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large. So, maybe hope isn't a strategy but it is a necessity as an entrepreneur.

Recently, we have heard of suicides from entrepreneurs and people in general. I attribute such not solely to having a mental disorder, but the absence of hope. They gave up. It is very easy to do when you feel that nothing is working and that the walls are closing in on you. How often has an entrepreneur sent off a winning proposal to only hear that they weren't selected for the opportunity or to be swept into a perfect storm whereby contracts are lost in a domino effect, employees quit and the IRS audits the company? This is just one example of how things can take a business owner by surprise and cause one to feel so overwhelmed that he starts to feel as if he is going over the edge. The edge can mean anything from depression, anxiety to feeling hopeless. 

To be an entrepreneur you need hope like you need water and food. It feeds your soul and gives you the fuel to carry on. But, again there are so many things that can zap your feeling of hope as an entrepreneur so here are some ways to grasp on to hope:


See whatever it is that you want happening and focus less on what is not happening. We have the ability through our thoughts to manifest by visualizing. Many years ago there was an experiment to see how to improve a basketball athlete's ability to make baskets. The scientist took a basketball team and divided the team in half. For several days one team practiced nothing but making shots to improve their ability to make baskets. The other half of the team was told to sit on the bench and simply visualize making baskets. The two sides were brought back together and they were measured on how many baskets the team members were able to make. The team that worked on visualization outperformed the other members who actually practiced. Research has shown time and time again that there is power in visualizing what you want to manifest into your reality.


When in doubt believe that there is something greater that has your best interest at heart. Sometimes we just have to believe that not only is everything already alright but that everything is going to work out despite how it may appear or seem on the surface. Believing takes will power because it is saying that against all that is logical you can trust that something is working for your highest and greatest good. To believe is to know on a higher level through your consciousness that everything will work out for you. Far too often we think about what will not work and become consumed by the negative possibilities. But to believe is to see the positive outcome and the unlimited potential.

Be Positive

It is so easy to get swept up into negative emotions and thoughts when things are not working well, but try to think about thoughts that are pleasing. There is so much energy that accompanies our thoughts that what you dwell or think about you seem to attract more of it. When you say that something isn't going to work out and you focus on that thought, it usually happens. This isn't mystic stuff, it's physics. You are what you think and you attract what your mind seems to pull into your consciousness. So, when you start having the negative thoughts, think about things that are positive. You can even rewrite your script by acting as if everything is fine by thinking about those things that are working.