Once a wealthy entrepreneur shared with me that every successful business owner should have a tax attorney to manage his money and a therapist to manage his mind. That was sound advice up to a point.

Recently, I was speaking to a young entrepreneur who complained that she was seeing a therapist, and it didn't seem to alleviate her depression. Then she tried medication to no avail. She went on to say that nothing seemed to help, leaving her feeling hopeless and discouraged.

I found her list exhaustive and I can certainly understand why nothing really seemed to work. It's not a this-or-that proposition in managing a mental health condition. It is actually a matter of having a combination of things that will support a healthy life style.

I recommended that she revisit her physician to try a different medication that wouldn't cause her to feel so lethargic. There are a variety of medications that will zap you of your energy and even cause you to feel as if you are a walking zombie, but there are an equal amount of medications that will move you out of your funk and have you well on your way. Still, that isn't enough.

Once you have the right medication you need to treat the body for a mind-body connection. You should be exercising at least three days out of the week, whether it is low-impact yoga or swimming laps. Find the exercise regimen that fits your life style. But that still isn't enough.

So we have the right meds and an exercise regimen. Now you need to couple that with the mind, body, and spirit. I recommend that you meditate on a daily basis to create a peaceful disposition that can help you to manage any stressful day that awaits you. If meditation isn't your thing, then try mindfulness practices. This will help quiet the mind. If you are hoping for a one-hit wonder in your treatment, you may become very disenchanted. I truly recommend that you try a combination approach which can prove to be time well spent.

You really have to treat mental health like physical health. If you were dealing with diabetes and simply taking medication but not working out you will not experience relief from the symptoms associated with diabetes. The mind, body, and spirit work together. Unfortunately, not many treatment centers will recommend such.

You will have the doctor pushing the meds, the therapist booking you for the next appointment, and the fitness instructor never mentioning anything about meditation or medication. There really needs to be a concerted effort to take care of your mind by taking care of the body and spirit.

The real point here is that you have to take ownership of your diagnosis. This will certainly mean doing things differently and developing a regimen that supports you completely. You can't cry that "I tried it all" until you have a combination of things that you do at the same time. This is where and when you will start to see the chain move.

Unfortunately when it comes to mental health, it really is so misunderstood. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain is connected to everything and has to be treated as such. It's like an orchestra and you are the conductor. You must be mindful of the many things that can impact your mind from your diet, exercising, sleep, and medication to name just a few. There is no one silver bullet to mental health. Before you give up on something that you are trying, try adding something else to it whether it is a change in diet, an exercise regimen, a therapist, spiritual practice, supplements, or medication.